War Council

War Council - The Plan to save Vixen

Draco Foundation - Conference Room

The only things of note in this conference room is the long table, punctuated by vid phones for conference calls and lined by chairs, and the water cooler in the corner. The three solid walls are painted a matte tan color above a cherry wood runner, and cherry paneling below. The fourth is crystaline glass, giving a stunning view over downtown Denver and the illusion of nothing between the inside and out.

The table is of the same wood as the panels, the dark burgandy wood polished to a high sheen. The chairs lining it, 10 to a side and one at the head, are of burgandy leather and the cherry wood, and look to be a comfortable armed, office sort. In the empty corners of the room, stands real potted trees. The room gives a very elegant aura despite the sparsity of furnishings.

Samuel steps in to the conference room, a pile of papers in his hand and a cup of coffee in the other. "Good afternoon." he murmurs in passing to Alex, taking a seat. "I think you are going to find, that my opinions on the matter are some what… starker.. than you may expect."

Kassandra finds a place at the table to settle in, placing a well-polished black leather briefcase on the table before her. She pops the locks, opening and then fiddling around inside the case. The woman glances to Samuel as he speaks, pulling a number of flimsies and a pocket secretary out before closing the case.

Lilith drifts into the room soon after, looking a bit worried and puzzled. "Mr.Michaels…ah, Mr.Clemens, a pleasure as always." She looks at both men. "What *is* going on?"

In stark constrast to how she's normally been arriving to meetings for this group, Ally's on time…in fact, early. She's sitting at the table drinking tea, a pocsec infront of her, and she looks more like a secretary today than…whatever she usually is.

Minos has set up the conference room with a giant Prez Dunk-in Donuts coffee box, a large number of Dunk-en Donuts (including the popular "Lofwyr Blueberry Glaze" and the "Hestaby Orange Creme" along with the old standard "Harlequin Jelly" and "Dark-as-Knight Chocolate"). He waits for everyone to come in.

Lilith looks down at the donuts, then back at Minos. She wrinkles her nose.

Minos says "So, all right, welcome people. We've got a situation on our hands. Cash has gone missing and so has Vixen. I don't have any hard data on what happened to them. They haven't been returning my calls in more than 24 hours. So, who can answer questions about where they might be and what might've happened to them?"

Lilith tilts her head. "I've heard nothing of this, unfortunately, and 'tis my own fault."

"Vixen was kidnapped from th'Aurora, ostensibly by a group o' cubans that Pulse did some damage to recently," Janie replies.

"They left a note addressed t'him callin' him out."

Samuel taps out a command on the interface built in to the table. It brings up a holo-display. "This posting was made to the Matrix not long after he went radio silent. He left a message with me indicating he was going to steal Mr. Johan Von Deiter's old car."

Lilith winces at that. "Oh, bloody hell."

Kassandra snaps on the little electronic device before her, watching the various screens dance and prepare themselves for use. The see-through datasheets are organized before her, just off from her right side. She glances questioning to Minos as he speaks, reaching over to tap the screen of her PDA for information. She replies quietly, "That corresponds to information I've received," she indicates what Janie has said.

"This posting, shows a man in a ruthinium jumpsuit of my own design, a gift to Cash a few days ago… Trying and failing."

Kassandra asks, "Why .. would they take Vixen over something Pauly and his crew did?"

Lilith looks thoughtful. "Likely they thought she meant something to him? He has several favourites."

Samuel anwers that. "Because they are a romantic engagement in so much as pulse romantically engages anything with a vagina."

Kassandra frowns, "Foolishness. He has been seen with any number of women."

Minos calmly picks up a Hestaby Orange Cream and eats it. Food is very comforting when your first instinct is to shout 'WHAT THE FUCK WAS HE THINKING?' After he finishes chewing, he asks, "All right. Action plan suggestions?"

Ally is pretty quiet and listens to all of the information that's being presented. She smirks slightly and she shakes her head a little bit. "Now now, be fair to him. His idol puts him pretty much at a handicap in the presence of a good looking lady," she comments quietly.

Samuel answers that too. "We leave them to their own devices. We have far bigger fish to fry than mob politics, rash action and penile entanglements."

Kassandra glances curiously at Aladriel, more familiar with the woman's more ..active.. personality than this.

Lilith glances at Samuel, raising her eyebrow. "Regardless of *why* the girl was kidnapped, it's hardly fair to simply cut her loose because of Pulse's favour. It was his enemies fault for misjudging, not hers."

"While both are excellent agent potential, neither is psychologically stable, neither have firm commitments and both have willingly embroiled themselves in the underworld politics of Denver in a way that unfavorably impacts the mission of the Watchers as a whole." Concludes Samuel, no trace of emotion in his voice.

Janie glances at Ally but doesn't doesnt' decide to bother pointing out to her that Pulse's status as an Adept is supposed to remain secret. Instead, she shakes her head at Samuel. "Not an option - I don't care much f'r th'mob, but Vixen's a friend.

I'm not goin' t'let this go unanswered," she replies.

Lilith is silent after both Janie and Samuel speaks.

Kassandra leans back in her chair, absently brushing a hand across her skirt to smooth it. She doesn't seem bothered by Samuel's words, her nod seeming to echo some of the sentiment. "Outside of the obscene chance to lose more team mates and compromise the overall group, what is the benefit of getting involved in one or the other of these events?"

Minos looks at Samuel, and says, "Stop, Samuel." He leans back and does something he's done quite often lately—more than usual. He lights a cigarette and takes a drag on it. "We don't let our people go. Chammy, because she's officially signed on. Cash, because both you and I know he's taken bullets with us and for us. But mostly because we aren't some piece of shit megacorporation with 'deniable assets' that we make no effort to extract, even when they do remarkably stupid things like try to jack Starks' car." He puffs again. "We're bigger than that, we're better than that, and it isn't like you haven't done anything retarded in your past, is it, Samuel? Me, either."

Lilith finally opens her mouth, after thinking carefully for several moments. "I agree. Despite the reasons, however foolish, behind their disappearances, we cannot simply abandon them. Disengage them from the group after, if they are such a problem, Mr.Clemens, but they both retain information that their captors could possibly extract. THAT, if nothing else, should be motivation to encourage their rescue."

Ally glances slowly at Samuel, eyes blinking once at him from behind her glasses. She looks ready to talk, but Minos goes first and she defers to him. Only once he's done speaking does she chime in. "And maybe this will straighten them out a little. If we help get them out of a lurch, that would go a way towards building loyalty. I don't see why we shouldn't help out. I'd want people to come help *me* out if I got in trouble. So don't have them on the team afterwards, but we should at least look at helping them."

Samuel leans forward then. "Alright." Says Samuel, tossing the single top sheet of the file away. "I knew that line of logic would go nowhere… So I have some ideas."

Minos takes a drag and asks, "What operational intelligence do we have? Janie, can you expand? Kass, what exactly have you heard? Ally, Lilith?" He pauses. "Jesus, we need more men on this team. If for no other reason than the fact that I can't decide whose tits to stare at; I don't want anyone to feel left out."

Samuel gestures, with his chin, to Kassandra. "Her's are newest."

Lilith raises an eyebrow at Minos. "Certainly not *mine*, sir." She gives that cigarette a look, then continues. "I have some clients that I can perhaps ply for information. Not much else, I don't know either of the two disappeared very well."

Kassandra shrugs, tapping on the data display device, her fingers hitting icons. The elf mutters, "They may be the newest, but they are often the most overlooked." She starts to expand on that point before cutting herself short with a start, her eyes narrowing, "I've not heard much, overall, but then I wasn't looking. I like Vixen, but the operational math did not work out to be cost effective, so I haven't pursued much. As for the Cash bit, well, it's the mob. If he is being held, it should be at one of Pauly's locations, probably. Something connected to the gym, knowing him. He is fairly predictable."

Samuel sits forward. "Disclosure time."

Ally gives a small shrug of her shoulders. "I don't think I've met either of them. So I don't know much. But…um, show me a picture, give me some info, I can send some spirits to see if we can find them. Or give me something…could try some ritual sorcery…"

Janie speaks up. "As most o'ye know, I'm an assistant teacher at th'dojo. I wasn't there when it went down, but I arrived there as soon as I got word, an'talked to some o'th'kids that saw th'thing go down. There was some sort o'altercation in front o'th'dojo, an'mexican=lookin' thugs shot Chammy with somethin' non-lethal before hauling her into a car and headin' off. Th'note they gave addressed t'Pulse said this was on th'orders o'a man called Chavez, as vengeance f'r th'death o'his lover at th'Pulse's hands."

Samuel stands up, explaining. "Eve Sinclare and myself are former lovers. A few years back, I thought her the basics of breaking and entering. I showed her how to break in to a house on Christmas eve, with expecant children and parents sleeping up stairs. We made a sandwich, screwed on their counter, then stole all the presents and left. I like Vixen/Chammy/Silverfox as much as anyone else in this room, with my love and appreciation for Both Cash and V-C-S coming a distant third behind my wife, and Mr. Michaels." He pauses to pull out a cigarette, lighting it.

"My job on this team, though, is to seperate emotion and desire, from our -work-. But, My job most of all, is to keep you safe. So. With that in mind, getting cash out should be easy enough if we can lean on Derek Simpson hard enough. Vixen is more problematic and may involve throwing our weight in to a mafia war."

Samuel has a tiny, tiny heart.

Lilith pales a bit and doesn't *dare* look at Samuel.

Minos watches Samuel and bursts out laughing. "Your new official nickname on this team is no longer "Geist". It is now "Grinch." You *STOLE CHRISTMAS*, you bastard!"

Samuel shrugs non-chalantly. "I gave it -back-."

Kassandra shakes her head, "If we are going after Vixen," and with that she looks around at the group, "And from the number of set faces, it looks like we are, this doesn't need to be another slapfight like the mob is used to waging. If .. and I stress if .. we are getting involved in this, we need to be sending a message to /all/ sides involved, and not involved, that we don't appreciate our team mates being used in their games, and that we are not going to sit by idly while they jerk each other around." She lets the bit about the Christmas fuck go, moving on to more important matters (at least to her).

Ally about spits out her tea at hearing Samuel's disclosure. She looks horrified at what she's just heard and stares at Samuel. "You. STOLE a family's Christmas presents!?! You should send them money or something, or presents or…." she shakes her head. Good grief!

Samuel nods to Kassandra. "That works for Vixen, but not for Cash. Cash is a harder nut, morally and ethically speaking."

Lilith scowls a bit. "That was hardly pleasant, sir." She shrugs. "Anyways, if it's a matter of nuyen…ah, well, Kassandra makes a point. As to Cash…if Pulse has him, perhaps arrangements could be made. He's a far more reasonable man then that bastard Starks."

Samuel has, as said, a tiny, tiny heart.

Kassandra raps on the table. "Do we want Cash back or not? If yes, lean on the right people and see if they'll turn him over. If not, there are far more valuable and breakable things than cars if they are not willing to play ball."

Minos leans back, putting the cigarette down for a moment when he's done puffing on it, and starts rubbing his temples. After a moment, he comments, "All right. I don't think leaning on Starks is going to be enough; or even suitable—Cash tried to steal his car, the beautiful, stupid bastard. We'll have to try to buy him out. If that doesn't work, we can certainly try the iron fist." He looks towards the others and says, "What data do we have in regards to Chammy? We'll get her out, no doubt; but we'll need a tight team and that team will have to include Pulse. He's at least indirectly responsible for the kidnapping of one of my people; he's also the one most familiar with the targets, apparently, and he needs to bleed for her."

Lilith nods slowly. "I say we at least make an attempt for Cash. If that doesn't work, yes, he made a bloody mess of things, and it is his own fault. Chammy is at least salvageable, and Pulse probably wants and SHOULD work off some steam on her behalf."

"I still vote for trying ritual sorcery to find her," Ally intones softly. "Been looking for an excuse to do it," she goes on. "And if it works… it'll be a quick and easy way to find out which way to point the guns."

Samuel nods to Kassandra. "We start with Simpson, who controls Stark's leash, who controls Pulses leash, if we cannot deal directly with Pulse. We do NOT deal with starks directly. THats a disaster." He then turns his attention to chammy. "First, we locate supposed Chavez family safe houses and we start making things painful. The CHavez are not mexican as in aztlanner, but texan latino from Dallas. We can probably talk to them. Lets remember that the Mafia is a businsses.."

Samuel glances to Ally. "Get over to Narnia House and make it happen."

Kassandra questions, "Are we wanting to negotiate with Chavez? Or are we planning to exterminate large portions of their family and assets in a orgy of destruction and mayhem?"

Lilith idly rubs some fingers together. "Avoid harming other members of the family. We don't want to get dragged into a blood feud."

Ally gets assigned. And she jumps to her feet. "Will do. And it'll look pretty impressive when it works and we just kick down their door. They'll be all like… 'how'd they know where to find her? Didn't even know they were looking for her.'" She giggles a little bit, winks at Lilith and heads right out of the conference room, off on her mission.

Minos looks at Kassandra and says, "You sell guns, what do you think?"

Minos sounds pretty sarcastic.

Kassandra shrugs, "I know how /I/ would handle it, Mr. Michaels. Others are a bit more squeemish when it comes to killing everyone and salting the earth.

Samuel tags Ally on the way buy. "Wait." He says curiously. "Can't you just send a watcher spirit? And if you do, DO NOT in any way engage in anything beyond locating her."

Lilith gives Kassandra a sharp glance. "Not so much squeemish as practical. There's no purpose is getting involved in affairs between the Italians and the Latinos so obviously."

Minos says "Oh, you might be surprised. I might come off as a creampuff, but I do make certain exceptions when it comes to my usual policy of not, actually, trying to kill people I fight. When one of our people is kidnapped as a hostage? That'd be one of them."

Minos says "However, speaking of which: Devise a plan where someone more stealthy than me goes in first and secures Vixen, so that while we're busily slaughtering the fine immigrants from the Lone Star State, they don't pop a cap in her tied-up ass."

Ally throws on the breaks on her way at the door. She tilts her head and backs back into the room. "Well, I'll need a picture. Cause I'm not sure I met her. But yeah….that'd be simpler. Just give me that info…send it to me, cause I need to run home. If that doesn't work, I'll up it to ritual tracking. But simpler, better, right?"

"Already in your trix account. How recent do you need, nude or non nude?" Asks Samuel.

Kassandra nods quietly, "Not saying we should get involved in their war, I am saying if we have to move this openly, we make it count." She glances to the nude comment before asking, "Are we involving more than ourselves and Pulse in this?"

Lilith rolls her eyes. "I'm not as stealthy as some. I just cut."

Ally blinks slowly at Samuel and shakes her head. "I think just non-nude would be fine. If she's done different looks over the years…send me a couple of ones. Cause this works photographically. So send me some variations. And I'll get back to you when I know something."

Samuel nods to Ally. "One picture roughly every 2 months is now in your box."

"Chavez said he wants Pulse t'come to an alley behind th'Feather if he wants Chammy back," Janie adds.

«OOC» Chammy says, "Street or gang rumors rolls please?"

«OOC» Samuel would like to substitute Mafia lore for that roll, if he may, as this is not gang nor street directly?

«OOC» Samuel says, "Thats the general 'I listen to mafia shit and know mafia shit' skill I was given."

«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls Gang identification for "Hmm.":
4 5 11

«Auto-Judge[]» Samuel (#799) rolls Mafia Lore + Task Pool: 3:
1 3 5 5 5 5 10

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Denver Crime Syndicates + Task Pool: 1:
4 4 5 11

Lilith nods. "Oh, that's lovely. Just perfect." Her voice is bone dry. "I'd recommend we agree and then strip the area down for snipers and what not, but I wonder if that'd be wishful thinking. If they want vengance against Pulse, they will seek to get it. There will likely be no negotiation, no warning. And I doubt they have any plans of returning her."

To (Janie, Samuel, Kassandra), Chammy pages: This you may have known already but the body of Chavez's gay lover was found dead in the feathered serpent. Hence why this location was chosen.

Samuel thinks that over for a moment, but says nothing on the matter. He sits back down, looking to KAssandra and Minos, then to Janie and lilith. "Aztlan Sector. Odd choice for an outfit out of Houston that despises Atzlan."

«Auto-Judge[]» Minos (#5291) rolls Street Rumors:
1 3 4

Kassandra nods, flipping through information on her PDA, "Not a great area to get into a pissing match, either. The Azzie security forces are heavily armed and tend to frown on this sort of thing. It might be better to jump the gun, if Phoenix can find out where they are holding Vixen, and simply take her. No reason to play by their rules."

Samuel nods to Kassandra. "I agree. Set the rules, insert a stealth agent on the inside, then have the external force hit from the outside. Keep it as non-leathal as possible so that negotitating a cease fire with the Chavez after does not lead to a full on war."

Lilith speaks quietly. "Mmm. Interesting. I perhaps need to learn more of the internal loyalties and politics of the gangs here." She looks thoughtful. "It makes one wonder why they chose such a place…"

"Personal reasons, most likely." If Sam knows something, he's not speaking it.

Kassandra glances up, "Again, how tight of a group are we looking to have on this op? Ourselves and Pauly? Or do we hire outsiders as well? Vixen is fairly well known and liked in the city, might have some bullet soakers looking to help out if we put out the call."

Minos says "Recently, there was a corpse found at the Serpent. Male, 30's, some sort of mob hit." He pauses. "We got it through one of our rumor veins. Quite frankly, I'm not entirely concerned with the 'oh-noes-it's-Aztlan-sector' bit. If we can't get into their street bars, we've no business being the Draco Foundation's strike team. Time may come we'll have to get into the Pyramid, after all." He looks around, and says, "Geiser, I mean, Grinchhit up the 'trix for some temp permits and IDs, just in case, or whatever you do with that overblown PDA of yours; normally that'd be Vixen's or Katral's job but they're both unavailable." He pauses, then continues, "Lil, you think you can pose as a cheap Mexican whore? On the ground intel is always useful, and they don't exactly go high-class at the Serpent, last I heard.""

"I dislike the idea of outside operators." Says Samuel simply. "To many loose cannons." He flips over the file labled Duke 'Cash' Harley. "Loose cannons, indeed."

Samuel explains to Minos then… "Permits are useless in Azland. YOu can carry anything, use gets you in trouble, permit or no. So our withdrawl needs to such that we can get away without issue. I know several tunnels and routes to get in if we require it."

Lilith gives Minos a look. "I'm whiter then pure driven snow, Mr.Michaels." But she grins ruefully. "If someone can be done to my appearance, however, I can play the cheap whore. Or even as myself…but seeing as there are no doubts rumors flying about with half my clients being Italians, I doubt it'd wise."

"Some o'th'folk at th'Dojo said they want t'help," Janie replies, "I told 'em better not — Th'last thing Vix would want f'r them is t'get caught up in a mob grudge war."

Kassandra listens to the others, scrolling through data on her own equipment as they talk. She nods at a few of the things said, narrowing parameters on her data searches and spreadsheets. She adds, almost cheerfully, "Well, we /did/ need to work the kinks out of the group, no?"

She nods at Lilith. "May'd probably be willin' t'act as a decoy th'same way, but people know th'place she dances at's mob-owned, so…"

Samuel nods to Janie. "Some of the folk at the dojo are not the most stable, sane nor -trained- people in the world. We cannot rely on untrained, undisciplined help when what we need is competence and cooperation."

Lilith nods in return to Janie. "Ahh."

Kassandra mentions, waving a hand, her own skin tone no where near lily white, "If it is early intel we need, I could always do the walking around. I mean, I can more than likely pass for mexican, or cuban, or any of a number of South American ethnicities."

Kassandra adds, "I am not standing around down there during any fighting, mind, but I can go look around."

Minos says "Incidentally…" he calmly continues, "We are going to eliminate the Chavez family from the face of the Earth, or at least Denver. I am tired of these fucking Mafia goons thinking they own this city, and that the Foundation is a weak sister that can be pushed around. We will kill their leadership. We will eliminate their suppliers. We will do all of this because they captured Vixen, and more importantly, we will do it as a cautionary lesson to those, such as Starks, who believe we are not a force to be reckoned with in this city. And we will begin here."

Samuel shakes his head. "-NO-." leaning forward then, he gestures to the city. "What the fuck do you think will happen, Alexander, if you go off half cocked and eliminate a faction of denver. SOmeone else, maybe the Yaks, maybe Soulpa, maybe the Innocenties… will claim it. Better to have multiple factions you can play off each other than this. When everyone Keeps their DICK in their PANTS, this crap doesn't affect us. Eyes HIgher, Sir Knight."

"Your volunteerism in the Warrens already almost got one of our agents -killed-."

Lilith keeps the hell outta this one.

Kassandra glances between the two men, one eyebrow raised. She doesn't comment aloud, instead working on the logistics behind something of this magnitude.

Minos looks at Samuel. "I am telling you what I am going to do. If you do not wish the Watchers involved, then you may simply ignore me and take your assignments from someone else. I don't control you. On the other hand, you can give me tactical and strategic advice on how to accomplish this goal with a minimum of casualties. That's your choice, but my goal is unchanged. This is not about my penis, or merely posing. This is about establishing a presence. We are representatives of a multinational Foundation, on the scale of a megacorporation, with the spirit of a Great Western Dragon behind us, and quite frankly, we have not been treated with the respect such a situation deserves." He isn't angry. He's merely matter-of-fact. "If I have to do this myself, I will; we have other assets, though not as competant as the Watchers, and I can hire others to do this work. So if you don't want the Watchers involved, as the unit commander, I can respect that."

Minos continutes…

Samuel interupts.

Samuel grits his teeth. "Mr. Michaels, you are involving the watchers,a group dedicated to a vastly higher goal, with vastly higher stakes, than who gets the cut of the profit from the local whore house." A pause. "No offense, Ms. DeWinter." He looks back to Minos… "You are proposing to take the watchers, offically or un so, and launch a conflict that the Denver Mafia could not do themselves, with more foot soldiers than we. Don't make a mistake; this is an INTERNAL conflict between two recognized and respected mafia house holds. DO NOT get us involved on a scale that requires them to retalliate against us with lethal effectiveness. YOU may not have a family, Mister Michaels, but I do. My eyes are on the prize. YOu want to rescue Chamy, I'm -down- help and I have your back, but I cannot and will not endorse, support or otherwise assist you in ANYTHING to do with destroying a house of the Mafia in Denver, no matter the good it might do my father in law."

Samuel says "What next, Mister Michaels. Shall we post Watchers at every street corner to keep the local gang violence at a certain level? We must draw a line… we must let THEM choose for THEMSELVES their fate.""

Janie nods. "Speakin' as th'agent that nearly got killed, I have t'agree — swattin' th'mexican mob won't accomplish anythin' beyond makin' th'Foundation a legit target in their turf wars."
She looks around, then continues. "As ye'll all recall, th'Watchers were formed f'r somethin' a lot more important than mob turf wars or cleanin' up one city." She looks over at Minos. "So we don't get respect? From whom do we /need/ th'respect?"

Punk gangs? Th'mob? What's more important? Bein' 'respected' — or doin' th'job we're supposed t'be doin'?"

"Yes, we'll help save Vix - she's one o'ours even if she weren't a friend - an' if th'Mexicans take a bloody nose in th'doin, all th'better t'let people know we take care o'our own - but we're not here t'fight in th'mob wars."

Janie sits back and falls silent.

Samuel glances to Janie… simply nodding at her.

Lilith expression is very, very carefully frozen into place. She only darts her eyes to Kassandra, then to Janie. A faint, faint nod.

Kassandra watches the two men bicker back and forth, not interjecting into the argument. She runs the numbers quietly, in the background, letting this battle of wills take place. In a moment of silence after Janie's remark, she says, "We are wasting time." Her expression and voice remain neutral, as if the matter of someone's death very soon was as pressing as a lunch engagement.

Lilith nods again, carefully. "She is right."

Minos says "Do you know how the Russians in the twentieth century dealt with their organized crime problem within their country when it got large enough for them to notice—such as, for example, when one of their agents or important citizens were harmed?" He pauses. "They pursued a scorched-earth policy and destroyed them utterly. Of course, there were always other crime groups who would occasionally get up to no good, but the government was regarded with fear and as having a position of strength. The same applies to the Foundation." He pauses. "But, yes, we are wasting time; perhaps I should merely state a tactical doctrine for this mission than a strategic one: none of those involved in this particular mission are going to be left alive. Everyone we find associated with Vixen's capture is to be killed. Anything that happens after that, I will deal with later.""

Samuel nods. "I can agree to this policy." Says Samuel, reguarding the disposition of Chammy's attackers. "We can discuss further policy later…"

Kassandra interjects, her voice speculative, "Everyone associated with it? That is a rather extensive list, Alexander. One could make the argument that Lucciano is responsible for much of this .." She lets that lie, for the moment, tapping a few keys. "So. We are pretty much waiting on the magical assets to find Vixen."

Lilith nods again. "The kidnappers, yes. Other then that, Mr.Michaels, please. Do not act too rashly or quickly."

Minos says "I've no intention whatsoever of acting rashly or quickly, Lilith. Did you really think that my activities with regards to gangers in the Warrens were just a lark?" He glances at Samuel and adds, "Some people here seem to believeor have forgottenthat simply because I appear crass, rude, and am known for being somewhat casual in a great number of situations, that I'm incapable of greater strategic thought." He pauses. "However, the point that the Watchers are not the tool for cleaning up street trash, or even Mafia goons, is a valid one. Pinpoint strikes requiring precision, skill, and murderous efficiency, on the other hand, is what you're paid to do; and that's what's going to be done here.""

Samuel nods to Minos. "I can appreciate a tactical strike to bloody a nose. All out war.. is beyond us."

Lilith bows her head. "I am sorry, Mr.Michaels. You do make a good point…but I am worried. Such things have not been in my expirience."

Kassandra asks quietly from her place at the table, letting the various tensions in the room wash over her and around her, leaving her a relative island in the midst of it all, "What, if any, assets are we requiring for this? Or is it a 'come as you are' sort of party?"

Minos says "That's part of the recon, I think, Kassandra. Finding out what we might need before we go to the dance. We don't want to come underdressed."

Lilith looks back to Minos. "Do you wish to speak with Pulse? You and I perhaps could have a word with him about this mess."

Minos says "He needs to be kept in the loop, and I do get along with him quite well."

Minos says "So: Yes."

Kassandra nods to Minos' statement, instead highlighting a few bits and pieces of gear on her secretary. She remarks, "You may want to keep him from bringing girlfriend number 10 or whatever with him. The one that fancies dark clothing. She is a rather high strung, from what I've seen, and might be a detriment to Vixen's health."

Samuel seems to be making mental notes, preparing himself. "If you will excuse, people, since we have a general scope and course of action, I will get to work on getting intelligence data."

Kassandra nods to Samuel, packing up. "I'll see what I can find out on the ground in the other sector. I'll be out of touch for a bit, but you can leave a message with my people, they can find me."

«OOC» Chammy says, "OK also based on some of your street rumor, mafia rolls. You are pretty sure that Pulse is the one that was given charge over Cash. That Cash is in PUlses company not Starks."

«OOC» Chammy says, "You may have heard that he was taken to a mafia held beta clinic because he was injured."

Lilith grunts and nods to Kassandra. "Indeed. I've noticed she seems to be becoming more unbalanced…and given she knows what the man is like, one wonders why she bothers. She should not be informed of what is to happen." She nods to Samuel.

Samuel nods to Kassandra, putting a hand on Minos's shoulder. "I have not forgotten that you can be a charming, diplomatic person, Minos, any more than you have forgotten just how… counter to those ideals I can be. But it does help to show it now and again. Recently you have been very crusader-rabbit… It's not unlike you, but it does need to re-direct."

Minos frowns. "I also don't want Tasha along. Though that may prove impossible to attain."

Kassandra leaves the meeting, heading off to pick out the appropriate clothing and disguise. A quick phone call to Needlepoint along the way, a trip to the Salvation Army, a quick jaunt into safehouse 11B, and she is off again, no longer the rather attractive elven fixer that most see; instead, she appears as a common street whore, likely of mixed race.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 4 (Disguise.chip) for "Disguised as Lupe the street whore. Polymemitic mask adds +4":
1 2 3 3

Lilith makes a face. "I agree. She's just as bad as Selene, and half mad for blood on top of it."

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 4 (Disguise.chip) for "Disguised as Lupe the street whore. Polymemitic mask adds +4 Karma reroll":
2 3 4 4

«OOC» Chammy says, "Roll me a few etiquette, seduction, perception skill rolls. :P Whatever you think will apply. And where are you going?"

«OOC» Kassandra is trolling the Aztlan sector, near the Feather but not paying undue attention to it. Basically following where the information takes me.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Etiquette for "Finding information.":
1 2 3 3 4 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Seduction + Task Pool: 1 for "Information, sailor?":
1 3 5 5 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence for "Looking around":
1 2 3 4 4 4 11 14

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Street Rumors + Task Pool: 1 for "Last skill check":
1 2 5 5 5 11

«OOC» Chammy says, "Ok Kassandra I know what you found out. But I want to double check something with Pulse before I spill it."

Minos looks at Samuel and says, "I don't really recall asking you for an opinion regarding my motivations or behavior, Samuel. I do what I have to do in the service of this Foundation and my own personal ideals. Whether it be breaking the stranglehold some gangs have had on some…areas of the city in particular, or establishing the implications of harming its operatives to all and sundry. Should you wish to know why I do these things, perhaps it would be better to ask than to presume I'm a fool."

Minos also whispers something to Samuel in a strange language.

Minos says in Ancient Ork, "* * * * ***"

Samuel glances to the others. "Mister Michaels, You are many things. But a fool is not one of them. But I appreciate your assessment of my assessment of your character." With that, he turns and departs.

On the streets Lupe makes her way around, her smile bright despite the bitter cold this afternoon. She stays sheltered against the wind as much as possible, showing her wares when necessary.

The elf in disguise takes in a few drinks, some conversation, a little slap and tickle when called for. She revels in playing the minor role, sniffling and putting on the act as best she can. She keeps an eye out for stray pimps, not wanting to get caught up in the politics of the street at this important juncture, nor draw attention to herself by accidentally crippling someone.

Lilith rises to nod good bye to Sam, then hesitates as she looks at Minos.

Samuel steps down the hall to the Matrix-Jack-Point. He doens't feel like being subtle with the investigation going down. If the Chavez do trace his SAN back.. well… Let them chew on that and get a little worried. He'll be jacked in for several hours.

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