We Got A Great Big Convoy

Fist Full of Silver - Asylum Common Area
The Common Space is simply arranged, partitioned into three areas. A living area includes comfortable seating and a trid unit, as well as a simple computer for matrix access (secured, of course), and some other odds and ends.
The second area is a simple kitchen, with a cheap electric stove, leaky fridge, and a sturdy, but heavily used microwave. And the third area is a bathroom, with troll sized appliances, built to accommodate even the largest among the group that resides here.

Raine face is showing a marked level of concern for Julian as she has met and been on a run with him before. She manages to hold her trap shut and let the medical types do their jobs, after all… all she is good at doing is shooting people. This, would not be one of those situations that would require that kinda skillset, so she just stays put waiting to see if by anychance she can be of anyhelp if called.

«Auto-Judge[]» Zoey (#6237) rolls Medicine:
1 1 1 2 2 2 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Zoey (#6237) rolls Medicine for "1/10":
2 2 4 4 4 4 5

Tanasen gives a nod to Julian. "Cell 6 is ready for ya. The beds bolted down, but the padding is still on the walls. Shouldn't have any trouble with it." He gives Gil's leg a squeeze as he stands up. "And yeah, got the rest of your stuff in the lockup, when your ready to get it done."

The sudden presence and voice of Blindside behind him snaps the trog's head up, and his arm shoots out from under the robe. With a glint of light a dikoted blade slides soundlessly from a slit in his wrist. The trogs body is in motion, turning slightly, a herky-jerky motion that was too manic to be greaceful, and he executes a quarter turn before his brain manages to send the "False Alarm" signal to the rest of his jittery body. It pauses, but still spasms a bit. He bows shakily to Blindside. "I'm…sorry…" The blade retracts into his arm, and the arm disappears back into the robe. He turns to nod to Tanasen. "Thank you…" He manages a smile for Gilianna. "Perhaps tomorrow… I don't think I'd be up to chopsticks tonight." He turns towards number 6 and steps in that direction.

Blindside just pissed his pants. No, really. You can see the stain spreading… He blinks once, then twice… then swallows. Once. Then twice. "F… fi… fuck you all. FUCK YOU ALL!" With that, he turns for the parkinglot.

Gilianna blinks as her gaze drops to the hands queezing her knee before she looks inquisitively to Tanasen. She doesn't press the issue though as she hears Julian's answer. "I'll ave some for you,' she assures him with a gentle, albeit concerned, smile. "

The Courtyard
Nine would probably be gimping through the snow toward the asylum, so she might actually run into BlindSide. Air, the Swedish guy (+view nine/bf), was also wandering along, somewhat behind, checking his stun baton. He was not going to let Nine slip away.

Blindside isn't in the mood for conversation as he storms back to his truck from the assylum, a large urine stain on his trousers. "Always making the halfer the butt of your fuckin jokes! Got no respect for Blindside! Got no appreciation! WELL FUCK YOU ALL!" He storms to his truck now, the door opening on its own.

Nine had really wanted to go, but nevermind all that, she was done arguing with Air. She still seemed to be in a decent mood, however, until she saw BlindSide, and she stops in the snow, looking toward him, "Hey, BSyde? You ok?"

Air probably looks up toward the rig and then raises an eyebrow, but he does not say much, just watches Nine, making sure she does not get away.

Slinger pulls into the parking lot just about this time, climbs out of his SUV just in time to hear the halfer's rant. "Whoa, B-Side…" He has no idea how to react, frankly. He's never seen the rigger anything but happy and cheerful — or maybe a little melancholy at best. "People givin' you shit?" he asks, stepping forward. He doesn't bother with his own grin. "Anybody's givin' you shit, lemme know," he adds, folding his arms — and shoots a meaningful glare toward Nine.

Linc has arrived.

Blindside turns, pointing in to the building. "FUNNY JOKE HA FUCKEN HA HA HA!" he snarls, his little halfer features tinted with a lifetimes frustration at being the little guy. "Pull a knife on the halfer faste rthan he can blink, and have the big guy do it! HA HA HA HA! Make Duncan piss his pants. OH SO FUNNY!" He turns then for the truck, the heat of his fury melting the snow around him.
Okay, so not quite that much.

Nine was probably nearer the building to which was being pointed, so maybe BSyde's point ran through her in the process. She notices Slinger's glare and then looks down guiltily, cause Nine was weird like that. She clears her throat softly and calls over to him, "BlindSide? Are you okay? Need need healing, spells, anything?"

Slinger lifts his hands up in the universal gesture to calm down. "C'mon man. Give it a few, let me know what happened. People can be insensitive dolts. Hell, I am sometimes, without even meaning to be. Even if they /did/ mean it, they're assholes, and you're better than that. We got some good work we're tryin' to do here, so at least let me know what the frag happened, and who I should be pissed at." The business about a knife has him a little worried, and that glare comes back onto Nine — as the orchestrator of this, he's hoping for an explanation from her. The mention of needing healing makes him scowl even more, and he strides firmly around the truck, to get a good look at the rigger — and switches to astral to check for injuries.

Air was chills like a horse thief on the corner, the corner of the table out here after swiping off some snow with his boot. He was not going to let Nine get away so easy. (Creepy!)

A black bulldog van rolls into the courtyard, a small bumper sticker freshly applied reads "Fight the Power!" It rolls to a stop and the driver door pops open, spilling Linc out into the cold. He shuts the door behind him and fastens his buffalo hide jacket to keep out the weather. He looks around at the people in the courtyard with furrowed brows, trying to figure out what the heck is going on. "What's up my brothers and sisters?" Okay, there's only one girl, but still.

"I am not standing around in the snow with piss freezing to my leg, Slinger! Not for them, not for you, not for anything. I got pants in my truck and I'll change, but by NEPHI'S TEETH, I am -tired- of this crap! A guy looks different, A guy acts different, and he's fair game to slap down because its funny." Says Blindside.

Slinger nods, seeming to relax a little. "We need ya, man. If somebody's too stupid to realize that, then that's their problem, and it will get dealt with." The youth folds his arms and scowls. "Get changed, man, then talk to me, huh? Or you want me to come in with you, chat while you do? I promise I won't look," he says with a small smile on his face. "Scout's honor."

Nine says, "Whoa… I can handle that." and she gimps over with the crutches. When near she asks, "Can I do magic? I can prolly handle the urinary problem." She says it completely deadpan, like a doctor talking about medical things.

Blindside just stops, his head sagging. "please… just let me go change, lady… I don't need you and Olaf the Lumberjack there staring at me…"

"Lemme know if you need help," Slinger remarks to Blindside. Letting him have what little dignity he has left in his own way. Then he turns his attention to Nine. "B-Side's a bud of mine. You want my help at all on this, I'd better start hearing explanations /real/ fraggin' fast." There's an edge to the normally cheerful elfin mage's young voice, an edge Nine probably hasn't heard before at all.

Blindside then moves up the ramp in to his truck, closing the door behind him. (Blindside steps up the ramp to enter Scabbard's interior.)

Nine shrugs her shoulders softly while keeping her eyes downcast and speaking to BlindSide, "Does not bother me. I am the doctor broad, you know. And it won't take but a moment and will be a lot easier than dealing with it in the truck, like that…" she mentions softly, then glances toward Linc for a moment, and then she turns her head and turns away, so as not to have any chance to be staring. She clears her throat softly, and then she says quietly, "I dunno, Slinger, I really do not know." but she trembles some, and does have the guilty-look. She was one of -those- people.

At the opposite end of the size scale Linc looks from one speaker to the next, trying to process what the frag is going on. Seems like the wrong time for high fives and giving skin, so he hangs back and decides that his hands are warmer in the pockets of his jacket than outside. So…he puts his hands in his pockets.

Slinger's expression darkens. "Were you there and just didn't notice? Or what the hell? You know more than I do." He scowls. "One of my good friends apparently got something fucked up done to him, by somebody in /this/ group, and I'm supposed to be working with these people? If so, then I wanna know exactly what the hell happened, and right the frag now," he adds, with an emphatic stomp of his youthful foot, his arms crossed again. "Whoever it is appears to have just pissed off our primary rigger, and our best person to transport stuff. Are we gonna hand carry the supplies? Load 'em in the back of SUVs and caravan into the Warrens like a funeral procession?"

The external speakers of the truck pipe in then… "I'll transport the stuff. I brought nother rig in the back of this one… and Gladdy will run outrider. We have vechiles. Nine asked me to do a job. Assholes are everywhere; but if I back out because of them… they win."

Nine trembles a little bit, and she says, "I have no idea what happened!" quite quickly and in a real speaking volume. "I wish I did! Even I would probably be slamming them up against a wall right now, or trying, man!" she informs. Things were already tense! At hearing what is said through the speakers, she calms down some, and she clears her throat and says, "Thank you, BlindSide. I am so sorry."

Slinger nods, addresses the vehicle. "You wanna tell me what happened, man? 'Cause inquiring minds want to know. This a prank that just went a little too far, or what?" He nods to Nine's response and seems to relax a little bit, clearly mollified by her response. "Whoever it is needs a little lesson in professionalism, section II, part I, why it keeps you from getting your ass kicked."

"Go ask the troll inside. I walk in, that bitch doctor from the fighten club Pulse owns gets all pissy, then the troll draws down on me and almost charges me… no reason. You got any idea what a pissed off trog looks like from down here?" Intones the speakers of the truck.

Linc watches all this from the sidelines, "Ey! The guy with the honey! Writing on her ass." He chuckles to himself as he figures out where he'd seen Blindside before. Not that Blindside knows him from Adam, but he's got to chime in on that last question, "Not as scary as you pissed off inside that thing baby!"

"Probably just about the same as it looks like to anybody who ain't another troll," Slinger points out. "Trolls are /scary/ when they're unfriendly. I don't much like it when the mountain decides to come to Mohammed. So what'd you say to her?" he asks, scowling. Zoey… she's usually pretty friendly. And that seems to have Slinger quirking a brow, curiosity now coming to the fore.

"I didn't say a thing to her. I said, and I quote here… 'Howdy Neighbors'… and then he was up and after me. SHe once went ballistic at the Apple and Snake, that fancy whore house in the Ute, because Bambi said hello to her. Literally ballistic. She's had an issue ever since. I think she had issues before that. And hello Linc."

The young mage is starting to put things together. "So you came in, you said Howdy, you got charged by said troll, and you… um… lost control. Which is understandable," the youth agrees. "Anything else? Nobody cast a spell on you or anything?" He glances back at Nine, considers. "You know these folks. I'll keep B-Side company, you might wanna scope out the situation, figure out what's goin' down? Let me know if I'm needed?"

Nine starts to hike away from the big rig, and she too says, "Hey Linc, sorry for being all standoffish and not greetin you." She heads through the snow, tripping slightly but then catching herself on the tripod of crutches and a leg before she could fall. She keeps it up, not tripping anymore, being a bit more careful.

Air keeps quiet and stays seated at the table out there, not bothering with anyone, but he does frown when he sees her tripping.

Blindside, from inside the truck, shrugs, but you cant see that. "How would I know?"

Nine nods a little bit about what Slinger says, "Right-o" and gets the door. (You open the door and enter the asylum.)

Fist Full of Silver - Asylum Common Area
The Common Space is simply arranged, partitioned into three areas. A living area includes comfortable seating and a trid unit, as well as a simple computer for matrix access (secured, of course), and some other odds and ends.
The second area is a simple kitchen, with a cheap electric stove, leaky fridge, and a sturdy, but heavily used microwave. And the third area is a bathroom, with troll sized appliances, built to accomodate even the largest among the group that resides here.

Nine opens the door from outside, after some yanks, and the snow kind of swirls in slightly with her, but she manages to get tripoded through into here. She looked cold in the cheeks, but the greatcoat was on, so she was fine otherwise, and she yanks the door closed behind her, it hitting harder than she really meant it to, but it was at least loud. She does look rather stern, an odd look for the girl herself.

Linc is about to come inside, jogging to catch up with Nine. That's when the door slams in his face. A moment later he pushes it open and follows her in with his own annoyed look.

Gilianna lets Julian head off to his cell, trusting Tanasen's judgement in this situation. Her plate is left on the table as she leans against the other medic. "So who gets to clean up?" she wonders, changing the subject oh so deftly.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nine (#10584) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 1 vs TN 4 for "Force 3 Sterilize":
2 2 5 5 10 11 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nine (#10584) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 5 vs TN 4 for "Soak M Drain":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 9 11 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nine (#10584) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 5 vs TN 4 for "Soak M Drain (KP7)":
1 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 11 11 = 3 Successes

Nine attempts to avoid the piss puddle that was in here. Somewhere. She is not exactly sure where it is, but if she sees it, it starts to fade away and vanish out of nowhere. She looks all around at anyone still here. She clears her throat, settles a bit into her crutches, "Gil, Tan, Zoey… what happened here? Why is my rigger all upset?"

Tanasen locks Cell #6.
Tanasen gives Gil a squeeze as he slips an arm around her and smiles. "I'll get it…later." He says to her before looking up at Nine asking her question. "Eh, he approached a patient of mine. He should have known better than to come close to people fresh out of surgery."

Slinger strides into the place with a dark look on his youthful face, shakes his shoulders to send some of the snow down off of them, and then looks around the room.

Zoey gets a rather dark look from the young mage, though he doesn't say much. Just walks over toward her — and theoretically toward Nine. Assuming they're near the same location.

From outside, someone knocks on the door leading to ShadowMarket.

Nine also makes note that any other biomaterial kind of just disentigrates before everyone, unless it was attached to someone physically. She ahs quietly, "Did the surgery happen in here?" and she glances back toward Linc and then Slinger, and then the door, before looking back at the other three.

Slinger tilts his head. Surgery. He also glances around — no sign of trolls, other than Linc, who just got here, he knows. "So who was it who charged B-side?" he wants to know, splitting his attention between Zoey and Nine as he asks the question. And casually reaches for his pack of cigarettes, that scowl still on his face.

Linc keeps silent as he catches up to Nine. He pats her on the back as she finishes her magic. He nods to Tanasen, "Ello brother." Then he looks around the room, checking it out.

Tanasen shakes his head. "No. But still, this is a basicly a medical location."

Zoey is roused from her deep thought as she looks up and spots Slinger — who happens to be glaring at her with a rather unpleasant sort of look. She blinks, not sure what she has done to draw such aggro from the young man. "Mr. Smith," she says to him as he approaches. She would ask what's wrong, but is wondering if doing so will result in the loss of any of her appendages or eyeballs.

Slinger glances at Nine, but Nine seems to be concerned with something else. "Friend of mine is outside real pissed off," he comments. "Says something about you giving him trouble, and a troll charging him. I ain't heard the whole story yet, but tryin' to figure out who's cheesing off the rigger that we kinda need to pull this project off," he says, arms folded as he looks around. "Who's the troll in question?" he asks, glancing around. Trolls are generally hard to miss.

Nine looks to Slinger and shakes her head slightly while motioning to the cigarettes that are drawn. "Livin room." she mentions, using the least amount of words to explain why it might not be a good idea to smoke here. She leans slightly toward Linc, and she lets out a soft sigh. She does not remain there long, though, getting back up on her crutches. She whispers something softly to Linc while the eyes avert to the door over there. Then, she looks back to Tanasen, "Well, yes, I know that, and I am protective of my patients, too, but why would knives been drawn? I mean, I am not getting a lot of info here, and like, I really really need him."
Long distance to Linc: Nine whispers, "Can you grab that door please?" in an apologetic tone.

Tanasen gently stands and offers his hand to Gil to help her off the couch, giving her a warm smile.

Nine looks fairly distressed, and she runs a hand back through her black and grey hair.

Slinger shrugs one shoulder, but doesn't light up one of the smokes. Instead, he eyes Zoey carefully, waiting for an explanation.

*BAM* *BAM* *BAM* *BAM* goes the door. It sounds like someone out there is getting impatient.

Tanasen looks at Slinger and thumbs towards a door with his free hand. "His over in that cell, if you really must know. Doors locked though."

Linc nods to Nine, then goes to the door in question. He opens the door to see who is out there.

Gilianna arches an eyebrow, reaching a hand up to take Tan's hand with a sly grin.

Nine heads in the opposite direction, going toward the cell indicated.

Slinger's eyes follow Tanasen's gesture. Somebody he doesn't know. "He's in there," he repeats. "Right. And people are getting ready to let him out because…?" The youth is still waiting for somebody to tell him what happened. Reasonable explanations are a happy thing.

Tanasen helps Gilianna up as the door banging continues. Sigh, one person that doesn't just walk in. "Come in!" he yells at the door, finding he just wants to get away from the crowd in his own home.

Nine gives Gilianna and appologetic, sad, but yet… somewhat smile. She hoped she was not ruining the day for the girl. She also felt badly about being all questiony with Tanasen, and she sighs. She looks to the cell door, #6, and then she knocks on that door quite loudly. "Hey! Who is in there?!"

Sending a smile to Nine, Gilianna winks at the other woman before she moves to straighten, stepping closer to Tanasen. "Something in mind?" she inquires.

It appears to be a large bundle of imitation leather and fur. No, wait, it's just a Russian. "Chyort voz'mi, I come back from the homeland and the weather damn well follows me," he says, taking off a large furry hat and knocking the snow off of it before stepping in. "This is where the market is at, da?"

Tanasen nods to Gilianna and smiles. "Thinking a little peace and quiet would be good." He says and pulls her close into his arms. Over her shoulder he calls out to the newcomer. "Sorry comrade. The market has been gone for years."

"Groovy threads brother." He looks over the Russian and after a look around he says, "Somewhere around her my brother, but there's some heavy shit going down you dig?" Then he realizes Tanasen has given much better info and he shrugs, "Well frag brother. Sorry about that. Welcome to Denver."

From afar, Julian replies with a strained voice. "My name is Julian…"

Nine blinks a bit, "Julian? This is Nine. What the frag, man?" she calls to him, having to be a little loud, cause living in a padded room made it difficult to hear. Got your phone? Yelling bothers me, when I do it."

"What?!" Dumah explains, shaking the snow off his shoulders. "Pizdetya! It was here when I left, and that was just two years ago! Where am I supposed to find a decent medico now, then?"

The reply from the other side of the door is calm. "I brought nothing I could destroy… I can not yet be trusted."

You say ""why? What happened, why are you wiggin out? You gonna be okay?""

The reply is gruff. "I will fine… I recently had some surgery. An upgrade to my reflexes. My nervous system has been supercharged, and the rest of my Synapses are adjusting…"

Slinger is watching the people around him, trying to make any sort of sense of what is going on. And he hears the troll's growling from the other side of the door — and it makes even less sense. His gaze moves to Dumah, and he cannot help but grin at the look of the Russian. "Well met? S'up?" he asks, but the dark look is soon back on his face. "Anybody willing to supply me with an explanation?" he asks. "Anyone? Buehller?"

The troll's voice sounds again. "Tell the dwarf I am sorry. I will pay for his clothes."

Zoey is… genuinely confused at this point. This is evident on her face as her eyes fall on the collected people in the room… lord i sure got aweful busy in here all the sudden… So many people talking at once, doors banging, glaring… Zoey closes her eyes, her fingers going up to the bridge of her nose and rubbing it gingerly. A sigh.

"Mr. Smith, I'm not sure what you are referring to… If you are talking about 'Blindside', he came in a little bit ago and startled Mr. Julian who, unfortunately, did pull a weapon for a brief moment, then put it away… I recall no charging, in fact… I do seem to recall the person in question apologizing — fair enough, as he seems to be unwell at the moment. As for myself…" She shakes her head, eyes opening and peering sidelong at Slinger, "Aside from that, I haven't had any involvement myself. Does that answer your question?"

Dumah shakes his head at Nine's question. "Is nothing, nothing. Just need to get…" He pauses, patting his pockets. "Just need… ah!" He pulls out from under his jacket a rather large packet marked, "STERILE" in big red letters. "Need this thing implanted." Underneath the stencils are a date. Some three years ago.

Tanasen says "Those you can find here. Pretty much what this place specializes in now. But could you come back tomorow? Things seem to have gotten rather out of hand tonight.'"

Nine looks to Slinger, and she moves a bit away from the door and waves a bit before saying softly, "He just had surgery, his nervous system is wack… it is more than likely not something that can be helped." And she gives him a slight, sad smile. She looks back to the door then crutches over toward it again for the few feet left to it. She yells to Julian, and without thinking about what she is saying right now that EVERYONE can hear, "Hey, get better soon! I will give you a massage when you get out! Free!"

Linc looks over at Slinger, "Sounds like the trog just got amped. He's got the wire jumps. The twitch. You know, you aint used to how your body does stuff quicker than it deid before. Takes some serious time to get used to."

Slinger looks around, scowling. "So either B-Side overreacted like crazy, which I've never known him to do, really, or…" He lets out a sigh, seems to relax. "Jeez. So Julian got himself wired, huh? Gonna need to learn to not pull… what kind of weapon was it? Blindside seems to think it was a personal attack, somethin' about him bein' a halfer. Of course, he /is/ a little oversensitive about that," Slinger admits.

Blindside, over sensitive? Naaaaaaah. Couldn't be. He's so calm, so rational, so polite!

There is a rumbling chuckle from behind the door. "I will look forward to that… please ask the dwarf what his clothing is worth, I will make amends."

Linc frowns down at Slinger, "Hey…the brother didn't say he thought it was personal. He said it freaked his mother fraggin shit out to have two tons of troll standing over him in a mother fragging instant, looking ready to rip his coconuts off and crack them over his head. Then he said that trolls look even worse from the shorty perspective. I can dig that. Shit, stunts look mother fraggin tiny if you get right up on the fraggers. Get back a bit and they look fly."

Slinger considers that. "There a reason Julian's in there? He sounds perfectly rational right now," he comments. "All right. Let me tell B-Side what happened, see if I can work this out, 'k? I need to step out for a cancer stick anyway. Anybody coming with?" He stretches carefully, looks around. "When are we leaving, anyway? And who do we throw down to for some extra medical supplies?"

Nine nods a little to the door to cell #6, "I will, I will man, you get better, okay?" she tells the guy on the other side of the door, then she looks back toward the group of people. At hearing Tanasen telling Dumah to come back another time, "Wait! I need my posse!" she says, looking all stressed. She looks to Tanasen not sure who was told to come back tomorrow. "we can go outside! Or to the warehouse." she says all pleady-like. She was losing it already. Nine says quickly, "I'll go talk to BSyde!" and she starts to use her crutches to get her tripod body around the group. She stops when Slinger says that, "Maybe you're a bit more coherent right now. Yes please do!" and then she stops and panics for like 2 seconds without moving, then calms the frag down again.

From behind the door there is a dull thud like something heavy falling to the ground. A few seconds later… "That was unpleasent"

Gilianna giggles quietly as she's pulled up against Tanasen, her own arm slipping around his waist. "That sounds like a good idea," she agrees before she looks to Nine. "It's alright. Really. Relax, have some chinese. It will all work out."

Zoey's reponse to Slinger is almost explosive, "That sounds like a bloody good idea," she agrees, a sincerity in her voice that was so aching and longing that ut sounded a little pathetic almost. Zoey quickly steps out the door, following after Slinger.
Zoey opens the door to the market place and leaves the common area.

Linc follows to the door and holds it open for Nine, but then she pauses. He lets the door close and waits for her to get over her panic attack and head for it again. "Hey baby. You coherent. Just take a breath and chill out."

Dumah glances left, glances right, then looks back at Nine. "Da?" he wonders. "Which way?"

Nine nods just a little bit to Miss Gilianna, "I will be sitting on my hoop as soon as I get the axels greased on this here operation." she explains softly, but does seem to be settling down. The other girl's words helping her to focus a bit now. Nine collects herself, and then she gets over to wherever the radios were and collects those, into her greatcoat pockets. "Tanasen, thank you very much for loaning these. I will make sure they come back safely, and if not, you can take it out of my hide." she says. She looks to Linc and then nods to him, too, "Chill… yes, I gotta be chill. That's right. Ok, everyone who is doing the Posse come outside! We'll head to the facility so we do not clog up the living room! Sorry my lovely roommates."

Raine opens the door to the market place and leaves the common area.

Dumah shrugs his shoulders in a vaguely confused way and tucks the package back away in the folds of his winter jacket, putting his hat back on and stepping outside.
Dumah opens the door to the market place and leaves the common area.

Linc opens the door to the market place and leaves the common area.

Nine hobs over to Tanasen, and she tries to give him and his girl a squeeze on their shoulders, and her arms were shaking. "Thanks for putting up with all this, and me." she tells them sincerely, then she would start prepping to take herself away, outside, to get showtime started.

Tanasen smiles a bit. "Dont' worry about it. Shit just seems to hit the fan in large gobs these days. Go on, get your work started." He says as he starts Drawing Gilianna away towards her room.

"Nothing to put up with, dear. You're a pleasure," Gil assures Nine after the squeeze on her shoulder. Another wink, and then Gilianna is being drawn away, her gaze slipping back to the man pulling her off towards the privacy of her room.

Nine nods a little bit, "Have a good night, you two. Love you both. You are super awesome crazy awesome." she says and then she takes a deep sigh before setting out into the snow, the breeze kind of drifting through. The door would close, soon after.

You open the door to the market place and leave the common area.

FFoS - Courtyard
The courtyard of the Asylum is a large empty area, hard packed dirt and gravel the only ground cover available in the yard. Scraps of garbage litter the grounds near the walls, pushed against the stone by the wind.
In the middle of of the courtyard, the Asylum stands vigil, it's exterior is somewhat water damaged but the structurally sound surface is a squatting reminder of the original use. To one side, a series of doors open into various workshops and facility spaces. All are watched or guarded by some security measure, to prevent theft and break-ins.

Dumah glances around the group and then wanders over to Slinger and Zoey. "Hoi, comrades," he says. "Can a poor Russian trade you some smokes? All I've had to smoke for months are these tolstak cigars." He pulls a foil packet out of a pocket.

"Sorenson." Says Blindside then. "Duncan Sorenson. Mr. Side just sounds as silly as I look." He says then, shaking his head. "You had an adverse social reaction to realizing that my bodyguard and companion is a robotic assembly and not a real person. You've never seen fit to discuss it."

Forge trudges over to the group and brrrrrs. "I am looking for the one called Nine Lives? I'm the repairman… Forge."

Slinger grins and offers his pack in return, eyeing the Russian tobacco, which probably tastes roughly like someone attempting to smoke a cat. "Help yourself, man. Haven't met you before — you going to help out with the situation in the Warrens? Or here for something unrelated?" he wonders. He knocks his ash off, then eyes Blindside, lifts a brow. Run-ins in the past. Maybe he'll learn something, so he stays quiet for the moment.

Nine was slow. She only had one and a half legs. Come on. Give the girl a fraggin break. (LOL) She puts on a smile, seeming to have gotten her wits together. She looks toward the group, stopping her travels since her eyes were not where she was going with the crutches. "Hey! Everyone! If you do not want to get cold and talk over the wind, we can all get in the building right over there!" and she lifts one crutch to point toward the Facility Building. "Yes, I am Nine Lives!" she says, and then she gets her eyes on her path and starts to hobble toward the building. Air, the guy who had been huddling and watching the courtyard from a seat over at a table, he gets up and he heads toward the workshop, instead of the facility building, and he closes the door behind him.

"Da, thanks," Dumah says, taking the proffered cigarette from Slinger. "Hmm? Oh, both, really," he comments, blase. "Warrens, da, is my stomping ground. /Was/ my stomping ground. Need to get the ground under feet again."

The youth chuckles, watching the others file past, and sucks down another drag of nicotine. He's an addict, what're you gonna do? Brazenly, the youth exhales his cloud toward the sky, eyeing the Russian for a moment. "So what do you do, when you're stomping?" he asks curiously. "And what brings you over to Denver?"

Forge nods. "I dn't do much business in the Warrens, but I was told this was a mission of mercy, and thought I might be of assistance."

Zoey smiles softly to the russian, and extracts a few cigarettes from her pack and hands it over toward him along with Slinger's, "* * * * * * ***," she says, her British accenting the Russian she speaks nicely. (Nice to meet you, Comrade).

Looking toward Nine, Zoey smiles, "Ms. Nine… It's been a little while, I'm glad to see you are full of energy," She says… Her eyes fall on Blindside as well, maybe a bit of respect slowly working it's way into her facial features. She nods, "Mr. Sorenson," she says in greeting, as though this were the first time the two of them had ever been introduced. In her mind, that was sort of true.. previous times were.. not really conducive to proper introductions.

"You ask the wrong questions," Dumah replies to Slinger with a chuckle as he lights the cigarette, inhaling. "Not what brought me here, but what took me away. Consulting job, contract for a while. And as for when I'm stomping - I stomp, da? People remember the stomping. Privyet," he adds to Zoey with a grin.

That is true; Each other time Zoey has meet Blindside, she's had a spastic attack. "Dr. Einhart." Says the halfer, moving past her, though not particuarlly gruffly so. "Nine. I want to get moving on this project of yours. I'm cold. I'm discomforted and I'm genrally pissy."
Was that a joke? Maybe it was.

Nine nods, "Good to have you, anyone who wants to come help. I got surprises given to me by some people for all of you who did turn up!" she says that last part rather cheerfully. To Zoey, she gives a quick nod, and then she eagerly hobs her way over to the facility, going a little faster at BlindSide's urging. "Understood, Sir. Thank you." she tells him softly. Everyone could probably outrun her though.

In a race between a 1.5 legged human woman and a halfer in the snow, it's a dead heat.

Dumah follows along. Curiousity? Good deed? Spot out of the wind and snow? Who knows. Still, he's there, and that's about as much qualifications as this seems to need.

The youth exhales his cigarette smoke into the air, takes one final drag, and tosses the butt into the snow where it goes out with a sizzle. "Everything going good?" he asks of Zoey and Blindside, who seem to at least be on slightly better terms. Nobody's trying to kill anyone, and that makes Slinger happy. He trudges toward the building with the others for the briefing stuff.

Zoey is up for it, herself. She cought wind of it from correspondance from Nine already and it was in fact why she had come here: to see Nine. She has her stuff already, stuffed into a few duffel bags that she had left laying inside. She goes to get them, then follows the group.
"Everything has been going really well actually," she tells Slinger, though her tone of voice is a little low and demure at the moment as she carries her things. Considering the bulging of the muscles on her arms, it must be some heavy stuff likely.

Slinger will offer of course to help Zoey carry things. Though he's probably a wuss compared to her. And he heads into the building, offering assistance to those what need it.
Slinger opens the door and enters the facility.

Dumah opens the door and enters the facility.

You open the door and enter the facility.

Fist Full of Silver - Facility
The building is a large empty warehouse of sorts, soon to house various production tools and materials for an Electronic Facility. There are no windows but a few skylights in the ceiling, currently with cracked or damaged faux glass. There are many repairs to be done to bring the building up to a level of standards to operate this facility.

Raine notices nine and dumah enter, she stands up and looks at nine.."Are you sure you still want me to come along?" she asks. "I'm not exactly medical personel ya know."

Zoey emerges through the door from the marketplace and enters the facility.

Linc emerges through the door from the marketplace and enters the facility.

Nine nods a little bit to Raine, "Does not matter. The thing will still need some protecting." she smiles slightly. "We really need that." she admits to her.

Raine nods, "I dont have my rifle on me…" she says.

Blindside emerges through the door from the marketplace and enters the facility.

Linc continues to do his version of Me and My shadow, lummoxing around wherever Nine went. So far he's kept quiet, just nodding to everyone as he goes about trying to absorb the details of how this is all done.
Dumah field-strips his cigarette just before coming into the facility, tucking the remainder into a pocket for later. "We going to /need/ rifles on this?" he wonders.

Slinger chuckles, and then lifts his brow as he spots Raine. "Good to see you again," the youth says, with a friendly smile on his face. He leans against a wall near the entrance, watching the others file in. "I can contribute protection as well as medical… though my medical tends to be more of the… hands-on variety, if you get my thought," he adds with a grin.

Blindside stands near the door, his hands crossed over his front, folded in to each other. Just watching. A small anthroform drone with a mirror ball for a head wanders in, chattering at Blindside for a moment, before Blindside nods and it wanders back out.

Nine looks around, shivers, and then snowflakes fall off her greatcoat onto the floor of what seems to be a warehouse, with some strange stuff in the back, way back there. Either way. Nine glances all around to all of the people, then she clears her throat and speaks up. She was having to do that a lot today. "Hello! Thank you for coming everyone. I really appreciate this, and someone really did sponsor some pay! There was not going to be any, but a little green angel happened to want to give somethin special for doing this somethin special."

Raine sighs "Guys.." her face is somewhat showing signs of wearyness.."I kill people.." she says. "Its what Im good at, its what I do.." she continues. "I'm a soldier..and if you want a solider to give protection, I can do that, but thats it."

Zoey sets her duffel bags down once they are inside. She kneels down by them, her body squat as she watches the others in the room assembling. Her eyes focus on Dumah as he asks the question.. Her lips perk, "I should hope so, else I brought mine needlessly," she says, her hand resting on one of the duffels. Her eyes follow back to Nine and listens to the girl.

Dumah glances over at Raine, his curiousity picqued. "Da? What army?" he wonders idly, keeping his voice low so as not to interrupt too badly and trying to listen in several directions at once.

Raine sighs "UCAS Special Operations.." she says with a pause. "That army."

Slinger chuckles, waves a hand. "I'm doin' this pro bono, already agreed to it," Slinger points out. "So thank the green angel, but my share of it, he can hold onto. Tell me he owes me, though," he adds, with a sly little grin. He glances around, however, tilts his head. He'd hoped to see said green angel. "How's he doin' anyway?" Soldier… he considers that from Dumah. Needs to talk to that individual a little, perhaps find out more about his background. Intriguing.

«Plot» Nine says, "Ok, got a few things to go through with you guys. Going to just RP it here in the medical facility, since this will be base ops for Nine. The plot is going to be pretty flexible, so if people are normally Warrens-type dwellers, they will be able to go ahead and hobo onto this train just by logging on and coming in here. Also, if anyone needs to leave, you can RP having to take a nap in the rigs, or leaving at whatever way that you like, but you can also join back up at any time, as well. I hope no one has a problem with that kind of flexibility. Also, I would like consent from everyone. I am not going to try to kill anyone, but there more than likely will be some combat."
«Plot» Dumah says, "S'okay, I'll give consent on this run."
«OOC» Slinger gives consent, so long as the GM doesn't railroad me :) Which I don't think you will. So. :)
«OOC» Blindside says, "Uh, I could get shot at. I accept that."
«OOC» Zoey does too. I fear not death!
«OOC» Raine says, "same"
«OOC» Linc auto-consents.

Linc roots about in the pocket of his coat and pulls out a VitaBomb candy bar. He rips it in half, stuffing away one section while taking a bite out of the chocolatey nut-like goodness. As he chews he looks from person to person, studying each of them, sizing them up. Either that or he's just looking around while lost in contemplation of soychoco deliciousness.

"No kidding," Dumah says to Raine with a grin. "I trained some of you guys a few years back."

Zoey nods to Raine, "GBR Army here," Zoey offers as well. Lots of us military types around, it seems! Lucky for her, she still carried a nice remnant from those days nearby.

Dumah glances over at Zoey and grins there as well before looking back to Raine. "So, what kind of rifle - assault, sniping, hunting…?"

Raine sighs, "Assault"

Nine looks to Dumah, and she nods, "We will need combat people." she sighs softly. There was obvious shame in the aura, but maybe not so much in the way she speaks as she continues, "This may not be a walk in the park, considering some of the gang activity and news that I have heard about some Aurora Mauler. The weather has not been that great, either, and why the heavens had to snow down on this tonight, I have no idea, but the objective is to load up supplies. Number Six will make sure that the warehouse where we are going will be unlocked for our entry, to pick up the jugs and the chemicals for distribution to Camp Mercy. This will help a little, but it will not be everything that this group can do. There are also plans to raise a hospital out there, as well, by Princess Di Park, and I guess that the people who control territory there have already agreed that it can be done. For pay tonight, I am going to start out with 2 grand for each person, and then, if you can send xirtam.SoFF|9ikakaS#xirtam.SoFF|9ikakaS a trix mail about what you are good at doing, and there will be another grand on top of that after I get those apps. If I still have some money left afterward, I will split it out evenly, too."

Slinger considers that. "How are we on medical supplies? Medicine, antibiotics, needles, everything like that? Take my share and contribute it toward that, and I would be willing to throw down another… oh, let's say ten grand on top of that to the cause," the youth offers. "The Saints may be able to help offer some protection, too. You checked with them? I got some good contacts there."

Raine speaks up a litte, "I have an AK-97 at my place, if your willing to give me time to grab it.."

Zoey responds partially to Slinger, "I've also agreed to donate some supplies from my Clinic," she tells him. "Just about anything we might need will be there, and I'll give away as much as I can manage," she adds. As to the talk of rifles.. Zoey unzips her duffel bag and pulls out an aged M-23 from within. The old thing has obviously seen a lot of use and is heavily modified. She sets the thing down next to her.
"Fact is.. Some people don't like to be helped. World isn't much up for being saved.. sometimes you just have to apply some tough love," she says, running her fingers over her weapon.

Slinger nods thoughtfully. "Well, I'm good at taking people down without killing 'em," he comments. "Even been learning Aikido lately, though haven't been able to find a more advanced group or a good teacher yet. Not that I'm some kinda pacifist. Just figure that it's a good idea to be /able/ to make that decision after they're down and out."

After shoving the rest of hic candybar into his mouth Linc chews in a workmanlike fashion as he listens. When slinger asks about medical stuff he says, "I uh…got this backpack thing. Helps with first aid. Nine has showed me how to use it. And unlike the rest of you it seems, I aint got no military experience. Lots of experience in fights though. Hand to hand specialist. Not that that's really surprising anyone right?" He sucks on his tusks to clear away caramel then says, "I got my gear in my van. We heading out quick? Should I go get it?"

Blindside exhales… "I can pilot Cerberus. Cerbus is armored enough that most small arms will bounce off her… and uh… she's got an assault cannon strapped to the hood."

Nine looks to Slinger, and she nods with some thankfulness, "Preesh this." she tells him softly. "Can you contact them? I have no idea how to reach them. I only know what I do from you and TDown." she blushes slightly. Nine looks to Raine, and then she says to her, "Where do we need to take you? Is it on the way? Does someone have a spare of the kind you shoot?" To Zoey, Nine smiles, "Thanks so much. The convoy will make a trip to a warehouse here in the CAS and then to the Bare Knuckle Gym, and then to Camp Mercy by the Quincy Res." She looks to Linc, and to him she says, "Hold on, just making sure everyone knows what is up." She smiles to him, then she reaches into one of her greatcoat pockets, digging around for something in there. While she does, she also says, "And everyone, Salute BlindSide and Linc, cause without their vans and rigs, this could not go down."

—> Slinger pages: Make a note of my contribution; can send it in via payout stuff in the log header. Also, Slinger would send some info to Thistledown… background info, contact — basically, a resume.

You say "Hell, salute all of the rest of you too, for the donations, and for your time. I really wanna hug and kiss you all. There are a few more perks to this."

Dumah nods appreciatively at Zoey's taste in rifles. "Colt M-23, nice reliable thing. I've got one myself - not that heavily modded, though." Then he glances over at Slinger. "Bah - wouldn't be surprised. You know how hard it is to find an Aikido teacher? I had to bribe a Japanese officer with a case of brandy to get some one-on-one time at Hombu." He shakes his head sadly. "They just don't make them like they used to." He gives a little wave to Blindside. "Go us."

Slinger nods, cheerfully, and grabs his phone. At least a few guys in the gang — especially the leadership — have phones, and he has the way to contact them. He does the conversation discreetly, with one ear toward the meeting in question.

Blindside holds up a a halfer-hand. "Okay. I need some attention here." He says simply. "I have a situation in which I have more vehicles going than I can drive. I'm not a droner, I'm a driver, so I can put my bigrig on the drone pilot, Glady can drive herself, and Bambi can drive another, but that leaves my bulldog wihtout a driver. It's lightly armored, but it's got a sensorsuite that may be handy. Does someone want to drive it?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Slinger (#69) rolls Etiquette + Karma Pool: 1 (to Nine) for "Negotiating with various Saints contacts for protection and/or passage and/or assistance with the hospital…":
1 2 5 5 9 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Slinger (#69) rolls 4 vs TN 6 (to Nine) for "That was 1 KP. This is 2 KP, assuming TN 6.":
2 2 4 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Slinger (#69) rolls 4 vs TN 6 (to Nine) for "4 KP…":
1 1 4 10 = 1 Success

«Plot» Nine says, "Oh yeah, if you guys do decide to do the resume thing, @mail Nine and ThistleDown with whatever information, and I will also note the log about the extra 1K. The long prolly will have to have some work done, so I probably will not have it complete until a couple days from now, so no rush on that @mail stuff. Whenever you can in the next few."
> You paged Slinger with 'TDown already got the go ahead with the hospital part.'.
> Slinger pages: Ah. Then consider that to be whatever you need it for :)
—> Slinger pages: Also, the cash I'm contributing should be, if possible, noted in the log toward another favor to raise Angel's Flame up to level 3, especially if we end up helping out somebody close to him. Would make me happy.

Zoey gives a genuine salute when Nine mentions it. Yes.. this means Zoey is saluting to /blindside/ as well, of all people.. but if he had any part in this, no matter how minor, she could really respect that, and it spoke a lot about his character to at least some degree.
"Wish I could say I'm good enough at Aikido to teach anyone myself." She shrugs, smiles.. "M'not, though." To Blindside, She nods in answer to him, though she doesn't speak up just yet.. She'll let someone else with potentialy 'useful' levels of driving experience heed that call first. Course, if no one does.. She would certainly do it.

Dumah shrugs his shoulders. "I can drive," he offers straight-up.

Oh, and Zoey adds, "Don't worry about the payment this time, Ms. Nine… Consider this one on me."

Blindside pauses. Almost like a 'how about someone I know' pause…

Linc shrugs, "I can drive. But I'm certainly no combat driver. So…if there's someone with that kind of experience… I just happen to have a van. It runs. And it's straight from a lot. Well…from a parking lot. So, no armor or anything like in the trids. I got a bed and fridge in it though."

Raine responds to nine's question, "I can use any assault Rifle i can get my hands on," she says. "If anyone is willing to give me a spare," she pauses a second.."I'd be greatfull." Her face showing a warm smile, her response to hearing nine also say to salute is one that shows a level of genuine soldiering that zoey's salute did. She stands at attention and salutes.

Dumah side-comments to Raine, "I don't have a spare, but I've got that M-23 I can loan you and a box of ammo. That work for you?"

Raine nods at dumah, "yes, yes that works." she says her face shows a marked increase in her mood. Who would have thought she'd be happy at hearing someone had a rifle should could use..some people are just strange ya know? "I'd very much apperciate that, thanks." she finishes.

Nine was glad to be leaning back against a wall so she could stay stood up while saluting each and every one of them with her back as straight against said wall as possible. Then she grabs at things in pockets with both hands. She pulls out some Taccoms, "These are Tanasen's, and we really need them back. There are 4 of them, and I will…" she pauses for a moment, teeth gritting slightly but maybe almost imperceptibly, "keep one here." she says and then passes one to Linc. "Here, man. And thanks." she says up to him, then soon is looking back toward the group, "Mister, what is your name?" She asks of Dumah, and then she offers one of the coms his way, since he said he would drive something. The last of the 3 she was giving out, she offers toward Raine.

Dumah grins openly at Raine. "I hope you have a Smartlink, or you like iron sights. Like I said, no bells or whistles." To Nine, he replies, "You can call me Dumah." He waves off the comm, tapping the side of his head. "Got one of my own." He trades frequencies, though.

Linc looks at the taccom and rolls it in his hand. He looks from it to Nine. "Uh…okay." He looks over at Blindside, "You got your own comm system right? Like, wiz drek?"

Raine nods and smiles, "I dont have a smartlink.." she says. "I'm all skill."

Slinger lifts a brow to Dumah. "Really? So you know it? I might be willing to bribe you a little to teach me," he adds, with a bit of a grin. After he finishes his phone call. "Aikido rocks, but the group I'm with… well, there's a limit to what I can learn without some good one-on-one teaching."

Blindside glances over at link. "Actually, no. I have my personal radio, but I've not been in town long enough to really make a whole lot of money. I'm here as a favor to nine, when I probably should be making money for that."

Slinger finishes his phone call, then waits for a break in the conversation. "Just spoke with a chum of mine in the Saints. Turns out that my buddy in there, Angel's Flame, his chica is pretty sick. And there's no good way they can move her. So if we can make a pit stop, then the Saints would be willing to do some scouting for us and help with defense while we're there. Get our back, so to speak. They're not the kind of fighters that some of us are, but they know the area and who's where and what's what. Sound like a deal?" he asks, directing this to Nine.

Dumah pfahs at that. "You can't study Aikido without a partner, at least," he replies to Slinger. "And a good partner makes for a better teacher. We'll find some time to work on it, da? While I'm not driving, at least." He clams up while Slinger conveys info about the Saints, though.

Zoey digs into her duffel bag again that she is squatted down next to. From it she withdraws her own Tranceiver radio. She clips the thing onto her belt and runs a datajack line between it and her induction jack. With that, she slings her M-23 over her shoulder on it's sling and rests it flush up against her back. She grabs a few extra clips of ammo and slides them into places on her utility belt — they can easily be seen as having gel ammo loaded as was Zoey's trademark. Sadly, Zoey was a doctor, not an arms dealer however, else she would give out some weapons to anyone interested.
Once the taccom frequencies are chosen, Zoey tests hers, her voice come over the comm, though her mouth doesn't move; she obviously had a transducer built into the radio. »Systems check.« She looks up at Slinger then, "You know, we could get together sometime and practice.. I know a little Aikido myself," she offers.

—> From afar, Slinger nods. Slinger is contributing that much [10k] to the cause. So you can note it in the log, toward a favor, and if something comes up with Angel's Flame where his chica is sick, and we can help with that, that will probably justify a second favor. He's a good guy.
You paged Slinger with 'If you are doing all that, you can probably tell the party that you got the info that his chica is sick. Are we travelling through that territory on the way to the camp mercy?'.
You paged Slinger with 'The snow might be too bad to trans her, unless they got good rigs too? So maybe we have to make a pit stop. Might make things interesting. That sound reasonable?'.
Slinger pages: I'm cool with that. Think the Saints might help with Scouting and defense if we agree to that?
You paged Slinger with 'Aye, but maybe not the whole way? Not sure which parts are their turf right now.'.
You paged Blindside with 'You have a warrens map on the website?'.
From afar, Slinger nods. They can provide some scouting at least, and probably help. They kinda control the southwest quadrant of the warrens, I think.

Slinger nods, trades commcodes with Dumah discreetly while he waits for an answer casually. And then nods to Zoey, grinning. "Could put a group together," he murmurs, quietly. And begins setting up his own comm. Complete with subvocal mic and transceiver for hands-free operation. Great when one needs to be stealthy.

Blindside nods to Slinger then. "Okay. We make a pitstop at Angels Delight. No negotiation on that." He says, stepping forward now, taking a more central roll… "She can ride in Scabbard's apartment with Angel's Flame if she likes… comfortable and armored. Also, a good colleciton of trid flicks."

Slinger grins. "Flame'll like that," Slinger agrees. "Sucks that he's got a girlfriend. He's kinda cute," the youth adds casually, glancing outside, considering whether he can continue to participate in the conversation /and/ sneak outside for a smoke.

Dumah comments to both Slinger and Zoey with a light scoff, "If I can train Spetznaz recruits while they've got one eye on my gun and the other on my turnips, I can teach both of you better than anybody else around!"

Raine sighs "I dont see how this is relivant people". she says, "We have a job to do, and we need to get on to doing it.."

Slinger grins to Dumah. "Done, and done," the youth remarks. Then turns his attention back to the meeting at large. "So what else is on the agenda? Should I leave my vehicle here, ride shotgun with B-side again? I can deal with any mojo threats from in there, if I gotta.

Nine nods a little to Dumah, glancing up at his noggin, then she turns to Slinger, but does not turn too much cause her back is against the wall. She offers the comlink she was about to give to Dumah to him, "Probably, you could hold this in case of magical threats, we might need to know, ASAP. We also might want you in the front rig, too, for astral scouting?" she says. Then, she looks to BlindSide, "I can go ahead and give you your 2 grand now, if you like?" she tells him, "And if you got a radio, that would be good." She says to Zoey, "What frequency did you set that to? Every one else set to whatever Zoey has on hers." she smiles, and then looks to Raine, "Want one?" and offers her a comm.

Slinger winks at Raine. "You're new around here. Biz is always relevant." The offer of the radio, though, is met with a shake of his head. "I'm good, as long as something can relay. I've got my own radio," he says, pointing to it. "Hellagood crypto, but not huge on range. Got a couple of klicks, tops, but maybe B-side can rig something to relay for us?" This with a glance at the rigger.

Linc looks over at Dumah, "Yeah? I'd be interested in a piece of that action. Always good to learn new styles. I've done some Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, but only played with Aiki." He looks over the comm unit, taking a few moments to figure the thing out. »Testing Testing«.

Blindside thinks that over. "I can rig something up, yes. I'll need access to my shop for a few hours and probably some cash to handle parts… but I can suck that up. It won't be pretty, but I can route the power of Scabb's generator in to a power amp."

Raine shakes her head no, "I have comms.." she says. "Thanks for the offer.." She does seem a bit on edge, but nine and zoe know..such is raine. "Where do you want me?" she asks.

Nine looks at Dumah with interest, as well, but she was kind of in the same state of mind as Raine, so she does not start a new topic. She says, "These are pretty fine comms, I got extras here, so if anyone has a low one, just ask. I mean, they are here for that purpose."

Raine nods and grabs one anyway.

Nine hands it to the girl, having one left now. "Sweet, anyone else? BSyde?"

Blindside takes it for the time being. "I'll use this as a base unit."

»Hear you loud and clear,« Zoey replies over the radio, her lips still unmoving. She mostly lets everyone talk among themselves for now, until something more pertinent comes up tat demands her attention. For now, she clears her mind, calming herself. She breathes gently, her features calm and placid. She looks a bit like a soldier going to war squatting on the floor with her duffel bags and shoulder-slung rifle, un-ironically.
To Nine's question, Zoey offers a shake of her head. She taps her ear thoughtfully.

Nine nods a little. "Should be covered then, I mean, you guys will hopefully not get spread out from one another too far."

Blindside looks to Nine. "When do you want to roll out? I need a little time to hook this in to the rig."

Over the radio comes a breif spat of extermely patriotic Russian music. Then Dumah's voice comes in over the top of it. "Da, comm working fine." Then merciful silence again.

Raine puts the comm unit on just as Dumah's joyous display of russian patriotism blasts her ear drums.."yeah, it's working just fine.." she says shaking her head and rubbing her slinder pointed elven ears. She walks over to where zoey is and kneels down, doing checks on her pistol and on the M-23 she was given. Her features are different, emotionless now. What was raine has taken a walk off a map, and now she is in her own little world. Guess thats how you cope with being a trained killer.

Linc chews on his lower lip, watching the action around him. While he waits for things to get going he pulls out the other half of his candy bar and starts in on that, giving his lip a break. Between chewing he says, "Damn."

Nine looks to BlindSide, "Soon as possible. Everyone figure out with whom you are riding if you are not driving. Where do we want the most armored vehicle? Back, just in case someone tries to shiv the tail end and starts shooting? Which vehicle has the best wheels? Do we want that one up front? Also, BlindSide, here." she says, and then pulls out the yen, the 2 grand promised for even going on the run, though some had turned it down. "Air will also do some discounted gunsmithing for having been here, and doing this. Also, I will be offering free massages and healthy glow." she clears her throat some.

Dumah appears to have different methods of coping. He seems downright cheerful as he goes over his own gear. Pocsec? Check. Pistol? Check. Other Pistol? Check. Throwing knives? Check. Grenades? Several, check. "Did you say massage?" He pauses, his attention broken as he looks over in that direction.

Marlena emerges through the door from the marketplace and enters the facility.

Zoey smirks at Dumah's sudden change on interest. »* * * * ***« zoey speaks Russian a moment here, tainted with British accent. (.. and a healthy glow) Zoey clears her throat, despite not having verbally spoken, the minds metaphysical habits superceding the convenience granted by the voiceless technology. Her voice returns to English now, »Perhaps you should have mentioned the massaging /after/ the mission, Ms. Nine,« zoey thoughtwaves over the comm, the intonation and emotion in the words obviously amused, though her placid expression remains mostly the same. In fact, she's not even looking in any one person direction. Strange how detached you sort of became using a transducer radio.

Discounting gunsmithing. Slinger may have need of that. He'll make a note of that possibility. The young elf checks his own gear; there isn't that much of it. "I'll ride shotgun with B-Side," Slinger announces. "Good high vantage point for doin' mojo. Lets me stay on the comm, too, nice and close. Anything else? Otherwise, lemme load up my gear in his rig and we can motor.

Blindside nods. "Then your in Scabbard, then if you want the vantage, Slinger. I'll be down low in Cerb, who's my gun platform but lacks a drone brain yet." He exhales… "Scabbard will follow your verbal commands."

Slinger scowls. "Oughtta give me a driver. I ain't much at handling a big rig like that. Even if it does have nav…" He grins. "At least I know I can smoke in there," he points out with a grin.

Blindside snickers. "You can smoke in there. ANd the rig will handle himself."

Linc adjusts his comm, then says, "Well, I'm going out to the Kombi and changing into something more bullet resistant. I got plenty of passenger room, but it's probably the least armored thing going." That said he gives a nod to everyone and heads for the door, unscrewing his horns as he goes.

Raine stands up, her face still expresionless (yes i know thats spelled wrong, sue me). What ever emotion she had was pursued down the dark allyways of her mind and beaten to a metaphorical pulp by cold hearted logic and reason. Not a bad thing in most cases, nota good thing in others. She thinks in this case though, she needs to be monofiliment sharp, she is after all doing her job, and what better instrament to do the job of killing but one that takes the path of least resistance to eliminate a target? She turns to face zoey, "I will ride in what ever vehicle in the convoy is in the middle.." she says as heads towards the door. "We have a job to do."

Slinger considers. "Russian dude, Dr. Einhart, with me?" he suggests. "Sorry, didn't catch your name, sir," he adds, to Dumah. "I need physical backup, especially if I gotta leave my body."

Blindside calls out… "Okay. The rigs going to be the main target of any people who want to stop us. Scabbard's a bigrig with a big trailer, and big trailer says 'big cargo' to most idiots. So we put the cargo in the vans, and use Scabby as a distraction. Tactically, thats the best solution. So. We have two vans. Two outrider cars, a rig in the middle. Bambi will be in Glady as outrider one. I'll be in Cerberus as outrider two. Linc, Dumah, you will be in the vans, handling the cargo and playing blocker for the rig. This make sense to you people?"

Nine nods to Dumah, smirks to what Zoey mentioned. "Go for it, Slinger. You guys all going to Angel's Delight, or do you think you can handle that? If you all split, is there somewhere that the gang can escort some of you guys?"

You say "And BlindSide, do you want your yen?"

There was a bit of a spy on your meeting here, drifting lazily about astrally, slipping in where the wards were weakest or not exsistant at all. She slowly apperates, her astral self coming into view as she calls out. "Mmmm, just what exactly is going on here tonight then, hmmmm?" Nine would probably recognise the aperation as Marlena…

Blindside shakes his head. "Save it for when my rig gets totalled. Then we can talk cred." When Marlena fades in to existance, Blindside steps closer to Slinger. "Is that… a ghost?"

Slinger considers. "We'll just make a quick pitstop there, I think? Grab the girl and Flame, and pick up our escort. And like I said, I'm throwin' down for extra supplies as we need 'em. The Saints are good allies — good to keep 'em happy."

Nine looks over toward the manifest of Marlena, switches to astral, "Hey, Lena, the posse to head out to the Rens, to deliver the supplies. You wanna help?"

Slinger also shifts his vision to astral, startled… but seems to relax after a moment — especially if Nine seems to know, and trust this person. "Astral mage. She's projecting from… whereever," the youth says, and keeps his vision shifted into the astral, just in case he has to provide defense, his brow furrowing.

Dumah comments to Slinger, "Dumah. And da, can watch backs while you're out."

Zoey nods to Slinger, voicing her response on the comm, »Affirmative. I'll accompany Mr. Smith. Though I might need some more held loading supplies from my clinic into the convoy once we reach it.« For now, Zoey stands up, rolling her shoulder to comfort it and the weight it carried from her M-23. She steps over toward Slinger and prepares to head on out with him.

The apperation doens't actually appear to be a mage or a shaman from just a quick astral glance, something more exotic then that. Marlena slowly floats over to Nine, offering her a wide grin in responce. "Well I suppose I could come and keep an eye on the lot of you astrally. Well, for a few hours if nothing else."

Nine smiles slightly to Linc, tiredly so though, but hey, she could not complain, she was going to be held hostage, in warm and comfort, without being out driving in the snow. She says, "Linc and Dumah, were you guys wanting your 2k?"

You whisper "You been out in the Warrens astrally? It's really sick. real sick… and you cannot heal anyone if they are mundane. But, if you want to go astral, that is cool, too." to Marlena.

Out at his van, Linc pulls off his street clothes, ignoring the weather while he pulls on a heavy padded suited and some acessories. Once he's into the black armor he opens a case and looks over his selection of horns and chooses some smallish ones that won't get in the way. That done he stows the old ones and starts screwing the small horns into place while he waits for everyone. His pistol is strapped into place and he checks his shotgun, then it's back to waiting. Over the comm he answers Nine, »No thanks Nine. Spend it on the people we're helping.«

You whisper "But, it's like swimming in… drek. :(" to Marlena.

Dumah shakes his head. "Same for me. Two thousand won't make much difference to me one way or the other."

You sense Marlena nodnods, "It's fine, I'm used to doing that hun. Plus I'm not sure I could catch up to the lot of you on foot."

Blindside ahhhs quietly. "Creepy." Says the dwarf as he takes the radio, heading for the truck. "I need a bit to patch this in to the trucks system…"

Nine nods a little and says over the freq and loudly, and while astrally perceiving so Lena could get it, "First, we are going to a warehouse that is about 10 miles away down the road, past the Mustang Ranch. There is some security, but Number Six will have it unlocked for us when we get there. That is where the first supplies, the chems and the jugs are."

You say "Lena, wanna link with me? I'll hold the spell so you don't have to."

Marlena seems to be pondering that but slowly shakes her head, "No, I don't think that will be nessicary, you just focus on the task at hand. I'll just help make sure any spirits don't give you trouble and be about just in case the drek hits the fan."

Dumah props his feet up on a chair, settling back for the ride and cleaning a pistol (another one? How many holsters does he have on him?) while he watches the scenery.

Blindside heads on out to the truck then, to get his radio hooked in to the trucks main rig. "Ghosts and crazy trolls and paramilitary chicks in armor… and I'm the wierd one."

Slinger nods, heads outside, lights up a smoke, pulls a duffel bag out of the SUV, and climbs up into the big rig, ready and rarin' to go. "Let's do this thing," he says with a grin, over the comm. "Let's motor. Nine apparently knows the mage… or… well, whatever that is. The Ghost," he comments to B-Side. "So let's do this thang. The weather ain't gonna get any better."

Nine looks up at Lena, "I am not going." she says quietly, very soft, with a lot of shame in the aura, but she gives a half smirk, "Coordinating from here" she mentions then motions around. She does say into the comm »> Thanks again, everyone. You're all lovely. «<

Blindside climbs up in to the back of the truck, heading in to the shop area to make a few necessary modifications to the radio that will no doubt destroy it for any decent purpose after this. He attaches it to a powerful scanner to keep it properly tuned. A pair of goggles and a blow torch; what more can a dwarf ask for?

Nine had no idea about the fact that BSyde was going to torch Tanasen's taccom, rating 7. She would probably flip, but hey, collateral damage could be taken out of her hide later. (That will be friggin hilarious.)

Linc rechecks his supplies then climbs into the driver's seat. He tabs through his music and selects Muddy Waters 'Bad to the Bone'. He starts the engine and lets the heat start working it's mojo.

Marlena ponders that for a moment and shakes her head, "Tisk, tisk…Well I suppose I'll wonder over here and at least offer a bit of support if they all get tracked back to you. Least I'll be able to get you away." She slowly slips back into the astral, heading back to her meat body.

Zoey follows Slinger and similarly climbs into the vehicle as well, bringing her duffel bags along with her which jungle softly of metallic objects and other mysterious things. Once inside, she settles in the seat and gets her cigarettes out again, lighting it up and inhaling the smoke. She smiles at Nines remark, and replies, »No problem.«

Nine nods a little bit to Lena, "Thanks." she says, and she gets her crutches. Air appears in the door, and they head out to the workshop, with the gunsmithing stuffs there.

Scabbard's ramp lowers, allowing access.

Scabbard - Bigrig + Trailer
The interior of Scabbard's trailer is subdivided in to three large sections, a forward living space, a middle area that holds a complete Auto Repair shop and a rear area used for storage. When the rig is parked, sections of the trailer slide out to create more space inside.
The very forward area, connected to the cab of the truck via a flexible walk-way, is a large living space set aside for Blindside. It's sealed off from the workshop and storage areas, with a maglocked door set in a solid bulkhead wall. Inside the living area is Spartan but only in the way space is used. A 50 inch trid screen is normally folded up against the ceiling, dropping down when watched. A kitchenette allows him to cook full meals and a bathroom holds a single person shower stall. It's a bacherlor pad but could hold two people easily. If those people were both halfers, of course, because everything is sized to a halfer's proportion, making the limited space go even further.
The central area holds the auto-shop, with a blinding array of tools and machines available in carefully stored racks. A vast majority of the tools are on sliding rails or hinges, moving them out of position when not in use, allowing for even more tools to be packed in to small usable areas. This area expands outward on struts when the trailer is not in motion, to allow enough space for all the machinery and a vehicle in the narrow space.

«OOC» Nine says, "Everyone on the run can enter scab to do the RP in there."
«OOC» Blindside says, "I will be handling slinger + company's run to the Angels Delight, probably sunday or monday."
«OOC» Nine nods. "We're going to the warehouse, no combat right now. None that isn't magical, anyway."
«OOC» Blindside says, "The vehicles are: Gladius (Bambi), Scabbard (Slinger, Zoey, Raine), Cerberus (Blindside), Van 1(Dumah), Van 2 (Linc)"

Nine and Air set up shop in the gun shop, expecting Marlena on the way. Nine finds herself a seat in there. Comtalk from both her and Air wish them luck and thanks. Then Nine says »> Okay, Miss Bambi, you know where we're going? «<

Bambi eyes the radio. »>No? Blindy hasn't uploaded me with that data yet. Where would you like to go, little voice in the box?«<

Nine replies with the address, which would be in the CAS, heading toward the Warrens border crossing. »> And nice to meet you. I heard about you from listening to Blindside. Sometime we should meet. My name is Nine. «<
Nine facepalms about her double repeat use of meet, but not having met. :P

Bambi, sitting in Gladius One, grins. »>Oh yeah, that would be keen! He says you have one leg, but I say you have two legs, just one is smaller than the other. I say its rude to point out a womans shortcomings, like your lack of a leg or my lack of biology."

Nine says, »> Alright, as soon as you're settled with BSyde, you are all ready to move out there. Good luck. «<

With Otis Spann wailing about why it isn't anyone's business what he does, Linc trails along behind the other vehicles in the convoy. He lets the Kombi do the driving, as keeping a nice even interval is easier for it than him. He instead watches the unfamiliar roads slip past, bobbing his head long with the music, singing along.

Slinger takes advantage of the ride over to project away from his body — once he has a clear idea where we're going, at least. From there, he circles around a few times, making sure there are no magical threats visible — or anything he can spot from the astral — that might interfere with our mission. Admittedly, picking up the goods shouldn't present that huge of a problem.

Dumah lets the car do the driving while he watches, pondering getting a slight nap. » So, what would you all like to listen to, eh? I have quite a bit of music from Russia here. «

Bambi grins as she puts her hands on Gladius's wheel. »>Oh honey, I'm ready to move! Gladdy! Give me some driving music!«<

Gladius obliges the robo-chick, pumping a thick techno beat in to the car, the sort of thing that would blow out a real womans ear drums. It reverberates even in to the big rig, before the mustang goes tearing off down the road.

Blindside, inside Scabbard, calls out… "scabby… Follow that crazy robot. Slowly."

"Yes Blindside. Rolling out." Says Scabbard, his voice an exact voice print match for Optimus Prime.

The youth chuckles. "Could listen to a little bit of it," he comments. He lights up a smoke, takes a few drags, keeping his vision in the astral. Which will give him just the emotional content of the music, which is cool, instead of the loud brass, which often isn't.

Little bit of snow was still falling, not much, not very thickly right now, thank god. There was still some visibility. Might be some ice, but slow going can get let you arrive alive and without incident.

Blindside is currently standing in the work space of the rear section of the bigrig, a soldering iron in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other as he dissects the taccom and routes the trucks own communications systems in to it, to give it expanded capabilities.

Linc flips a switch and lets everyone hear a snippet of John Lee Hooker growling, "One bourbon, one scotch, one beer." Then he comments, »I have a bit of music from the delta right her baby. How how how how.«

Nine pipes up, actually singing, and not doing too badly, »> One beeeeer. «< but then is off the radio after the man with her chuckles.

Dumah sticks his tongue out at the techno and turns the volume down a bit internally, leaning back in his chair. » Bah. Real music has cabbages in it. «

Blindside finishes up the radio, ducttaping it to the wall of the big rig. "Ducttape. It works for everything. Everything you could want it to do." He moves over to the angry red muscle car with the autocannon jutting out of its hood. Two of the anthroform drones wrestle with an ammunition belt, moving it over in to position to load the car.

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Your peoples taste in music sucks."

The gates to the Fist opened before and closed behind after everyone had gotten out, just to note. And, the -without incident- part from before, that would be without your incident right now, because some poor bastard flipped his Americar out in one of them there ditches.

Slinger grins at Dumah's comment. "Sure it does. And turnips. Don't forget turnips," he remarks, with a mild bit of teasing. "While we drive, maybe you could tell me a little more about Aikido. Our instructor is long on moves, short on, you know, philosophy, history, all that stuff.

The police had already assisted with that, though, which was clear.
(Also, to note, there were no police actually there right now.)

You paged Slinger with 'Nope, the guy is not there. They already got him out. Old Wreck.'.

And sure, you guys can do a percep if you want, but it is kinda big and red, old wreck. Some snow already collected on the axels and underside.

You paged Slinger with 'But if you still think you'd try to go check it out, you can.'.

»How could anyone not like John Lee? Damn. That motha was born to play the blues.«

Slinger pages: Slinger'll scope it, but no biggie :)

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "The blues are okay… but I listen to music to feel good, yannow?"

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Well, how about this. It's the BLUES."

You paged Slinger with 'Nothing living in there, cept for a mouse, now, who was getting a little cold, and thought he was going to freeze, just a regular one, no awakened paracritter.'.

» Da, da. « Dumah glances over at the wreck, flicking through his vision for signs of life - thermo, low light, opticam snagging photos for later review if neccessary, trying to get a glance at the plates. » You ought to learn how to use the Matrix, « he chides the mage. » Was founded after World War 2 by Morihei Ueshiba, as a way of self defense without hurting an opponent. Primarily based on throws, joint locks, circular motion and flowing of energy. Very internal martial art, like Tai Chi, not hard, like Wing Chun Kung Fu or Wildcat. «

Commlink-Nine> Nine hears about Aikido, »> Yeah, if you do not mind, I heard it was probably better for me than WildCat, which I would love to learn, but well, I am a puny little girl. «<

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "So nine, I got a question for you…"

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Yes sir?"

Blindside huffs the ammobelt in to place now… a clank as he cocks the gun, looking it over…

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "What happened to your leg?"

Slinger nods, listening to the recitation, which he finds a lot more interesting than any music. "So it's a pretty new art, really," the youth comments. "Our sensei says it can't really be used to attack. Is that true?" he wonders. "I mean… that's what I want it for. I'm not interested in fighting people and doin' damage. I got my mojo for that," he says with a grin. "I mean, all I know is that right now, if somebody comes at me with a martial art, I get my ass kicked before I even get a chance to do anything. Bullets are easier to deal with than friggin' adepts."

You paged Dumah with 'No signs of life, other than something real tiny. Like, small. Mouse size. In the car, probably a rodent.'.
You paged Dumah with 'Plates covered in snow.'.

Dumah snorts. Over the comm, no less. » Properly trained, even someone like Nine can hold down the strongest attacker with a single pinky finger. « He pauses, then adds, » No, not at all. You have to learn how to attack in order to learn how to defend against an attack. But the focus of the art is on defense. You will always be stronger when responding. When fighting an Aikido master, it's like trying to punch a cloud, and then the cloud has teeth. «

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "Blues makes me feel good baby. How about Funk. Any of yall like funk? And Aikido comes from Aiki-jiujitsu. That shit is meaner, but too mean. Aikido was created to be more self-defense. Wasn't respected until they had a tournament or some shit like that with Jiujitsu guys. Threw them all over the place.""


Commlink-Slinger> Slinger nods thoughtfully, takes a drag from his cigarette. "So… what's it about? Why did the guy come up with it? Usually there's a spiritual side to it. Or did your case of booze not get you that enlightenment?"

Dumah pages: It's just your standard IR laser implanted into an eyeball and hooked up with a rangefinder and laser mic hookups… :) If the IR can penetrate the snow, though… dunno. Probably not.
You paged Dumah with 'Prolly not, but if later, you find a reason, I will get that info for you.'.

» Ueshiba was horrified by the killing in the war, « Dumah replies readily. » He created this art as his way of trying to bring forth world peace. «

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Oh, my leg? Montego shot me."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Theres a great idea; Promote peace by developing another way to fight. Seems logical to me. And who's Montego?"

Dumah notes, » Obviously, the world still needs some improvement. «

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "The brother was into martial arts. He made a less agressive form than jiujitsu. Big difference between them baby."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Russian Elf, ex convict. She turned out to be a he, and when Air showed up, she got pissy… called him names. I got frustrated with that, and kinda chewed her out, but then after a calm, she said she was going to make me regret ever raising my voice to her while she was reaching under the couch. Asked her if she was going to shoot or fight me like a real man, but she shot anyway."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Wait. What? She was a he who was a she who… shot you… for what? having a boyfriend?"

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger shudders. "Man. Crazy people suck," the youth remarks.

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Totally."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Cause I argued with her, basically, and also, I think the she-he wanted me, and I was all not wanting of that kind of thing. I think it frustrated her that I was so attached to Air here."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "And people wonder why I fuck robots…"

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine clicks the comm on, but there is girl laughter, then it goes off.

Commlink-Linc> Linc sputters with laughter, "Damn brother! That is too much info!"

Dumah comments on the comm, » So why haven't you got a new one yet? «

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "I bet Bambi is cute, though. Send me her picture? And I am still waiting for it, May 10th is the big day."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "See Slinger, this shit right here. Women are crazy and I don't like boys."

Dumah says to Nine, » Hey, when you get it installed, make sure you get a reflex trigger for it, link it through the sensory input. Gives you a nice little edge with people who think you still feel pain. «

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine chuckles softly, "Well, I am not getting cybernetics… getting a grown leg, actually.

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Cybers good, but meats good too."

The wind picks up just a little bit. You are not blown off the road by any means, but maybe you feel a little bit of the reverberation against the sides of your haul. The wind calms though, almost as soon as it started.

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Yeah, I decided not to get any cybernetics."

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger chuckles. "Boys are better," Slinger remarks. "Except for Cristo." Again that shudder, as he lights up another smoke. "I mean, I suppose he's good-looking in a streetwalking sort of way." He hears Nine mention Air… and that seems to fit some things. Though other things seem confusing. Ah, well, He'll never figure out relationships, especially not hetero ones.

Slinger is scoping out the astral, occasionally, just to make sure things are cool in that realm.

Blindside calls up on the trid screen then, the sensor feed from the truck's main sensor package. Commlink>"The storms going to get worse. This is a blessing and a curse, guys. It means most the gangers will be off the streets. The bad news is they don't plow the warrens and the HUNGRY ones will be proweling…"

Commlink-Slinger> "Yeah, and somehow I doubt we're gonna see gangers out there with snowshovels." He can't help but laugh softly at that image.

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Yeah, boys -are- better. But, who is this Cristo? I have heard that name about 2 times. I thought you were talking about shortening the first time. Who izzat? And man… Yeah, BSyde is right, also some mauler thing out there. I really wish I could come. If you need astral backup, I can probably do that, just let me know."

>> Bah, << Dumah says. >> This is nothing on Siberia winters. You get vampires up there in the wintertime. You want to know about hungry? They swoop down out of the sky and eat people. <<

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "He's this guy, apparently some kind of porn star or something. Dresses in all black, smokes cloves, totally Goth. And he thinks he's hot. He's good looking, sorta, but you know, when you're selling it, it becomes a lot less appealing."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Vampires… HMHVV ones?" She quiets momentarily, "Huh. Linc, that kinda sounds like that guy that was botherin Tomi at Red Rock.""

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "You are an odd man, Dumah. And slinger, who's that guy? I mean porn stars? I know three pornstars. They work in my bar… they dance in the cages and make porn on the side. Everyone with a twat makes porn these days. Its jsut not impressive."

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "Dunno. His last name's Cristo, though that's probably just a stage name or somethin'. Kinda annoying. Tried to show up for a run… turns out he has no clue what he's doing. Just a playboy who thinks he's all that. He ended up getting scared and wigging out, so I had to zot him and make him take a nap until we were finished."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "OH THAT GUY!"

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Ravaun! What a -freak-."

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "Tomi? Who? Oh…the whiny asian gal? Yeah. Sounds like him. Ravaun. Don't know this whole Cristo thing…oh. That's the one Slinger."

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "Is that his street name or somethin'?"

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "And this is from a dwarf that talks to cars and fucks robots."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "He was sayin that same word to Linc that Montego was sayin to Air before I got fired up… Kinda made me real hissy."

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "That same word? Which word is that?"

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "Meathead? That the one? Sure did get you pissed."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "What word?"

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "God, I -hate- that word."

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "This is God Nine. It's not nice to hate."

Nine freezes! God was speaking!

Nine also freezes cause God tended to make it cold during Winter time.

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Oh, that's right, but… Cat said I could!"

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger chuckles. "I admit, y'know. I'd rather be called meathead than other things. I mean, what's the alternative? Metal-head? Ceramic-head? Cloth-fabric-covered-paper-mache-head?"

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "People are weird."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "To chalk one up in the robotic side of the equasion; If Bambi says something that pisses me off, I can just reprogram her."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Poor bambi."

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "Yeah, but… you know, at that point, if your love only does what you want, then they're… well, just a reflection of you. I mean, it's like jacking off, just with… well… um. Nevermind."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "No, I hear you, Slinger. I don't say I love the thing… I recognize exactly what she is. But I ain't exactly the jock or the cute magical guy and I ain't olaf the lumberjack. I got what I got. Maybe someday, I'll meet a girl who likes guys who talk to cars and sport wood when a truck rolls by and has a novacoke habit the size of lofwyrs balls…"

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "But till then, I can at least squint."

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "Trog frakker. Horn headed motha frakkin piece of drek? Bridge raping monster? Ape? Gorilla? No neck stupid ass worthless piece of horned fraknut? Man…I don't know. Just seems like it would be too good on one hand, and totally missing the point on the other.""

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "You do need to cut down on that shit, man. Really fucks you up. I mean, I'm one to talk with my cancer sticks, but…"

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Yeah, Slinger is right. This is the doctor broad speakin."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Wow, Linc, holy drek. Haha."

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "That is, the Bambi thing. Like, I don't dig on that myself. I want a real life woman. And shit Blind, you got it easy. Try walking the other side. Girls think your ass is cute. And they aint afraid you gonna split them in half."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "No, they're just afraid they won't feel it. It's awesome being small, really."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "NEver mind that Robustus has a penis size comperable to any of the metahuman forms save troll, mind."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Ah hmm. Anatomy 101."

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger winces. "I'll be honest… I have trouble imagining being a troll's SO. I'm just trying to imagine it, and it sounds… painful.

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "Brother, I done heard that dwarf brother's sausage is normal sized. Yeah. Shit man, you got some Napolean shit going on. I think sticking your dick in tailpipes is hurting your dating chances more than you being able to get kissy kissy with a chica's kitty without bending over."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Look, Linc, no offence; you seem like a nice guy, but you ain't me. You don't walk in my shoes. I don't bitch how hard it is to find skin cream and you don't bitch how hard it is to find a woman who doesn't mind looking down on a man."

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "Stupid thought, B-Syde… there's dwarf-women, right?"

Commlink-Dumah> Dumah says, "There is porn of it."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Of course theres dwarf women. My mother was a dwarf."

«OOC» Nine says, "Perception!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Nine (#10584) rolls Intelligence for "This stuff.":
1 2 4 4 4 10 16
«Auto-Judge[]» Slinger (#69) rolls Intelligence:
1 3 5 5 5 8
«OOC» Slinger says, "Astral?"
«OOC» Dumah says, "Hearing, vision, scent…? :)"
«OOC» Slinger says, "And do I need to karma that?"
«OOC» Nine says, "Either or, whichever you want. And no."
«OOC» Nine says, "Probably vision."
«Auto-Judge[]» Slinger (#69) rolls 2 for "Aura reading, complementary, half dice on open test.":
1 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Dumah (#6510) rolls Intelligence:
1 4 4 5 5 14
«OOC» Blindside says, "Is it outside of the vehicle?"
«OOC» Nine says, "Yes."
Dumah pages: You can glance at my cyber with +sheet/cyber dumah to figure out what all applies. :)
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls Intelligence + 4 (Sensors!):
1 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 8 13
You paged Dumah with 'Ok! Thanks.'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Linc (#1240) rolls Intelligence:
1 3 4 4

You paged (Blindside, Slinger, Dumah) with 'One of -Those- people, the kind that thinks a sprinkle of rain is going to make them do the slip and slide. Up there in front of Bambi's ride, someone granny-ing it!'.

You paged Slinger with 'She's elderly! And she's alone, and mundane!'.

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "Better have Bambi slow way down!"

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Bambi, baby, back it down some."

Commlink-*Bambi*> Okay Baby!

Up head, Gladius slows down, its sensors keeping a sweep running of the cars on the road, alert for any danger.

Dumah squints ahead at the road and taps the autonav on the dash, telling it to slow down pre-emptively. Given road conditions, he doesn't want to trust how smart the thing is on its own.

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "I know brother. No one can know what it's like for you. Hell, each brother and sister walks the road on their own. Aint the same being a trog for me as it is for the next trog. I'm just saying, don't give up hope my brother. You just aint been having luck. Hell, I heard once that there are two or three elf bastards on the planet that go a week or so at a time without getting trim."

Commlink-Dumah> Dumah says, "Da, somebody doesn't know how to drive. Should all slow down some."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Everything alright? What's happenin out there?"

—> You paged Slinger with 'And you'll prolly remember her aura, and she's being real cautious, thinks she's gonna slide, sees the big convoy behind, gets tense, but stays at their same rate of driving.'.

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Just a little old lady out fro a drive in the blizzard."

Linc follows suit and asks his Kombi to slow down for bad weather. The van is of course flashing up helpful facts about driving in adverse weather, and does Linc really need to make this trip?

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "And Link…"

Blindside glances over at slinger, smirking…

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "My heart bleeds for those poor elves who don't get any chrome."

Some bastard with his headlights on bright totally bean-beams you people as they pass by, going in the opposite direction in the other lanes. And naw, you do not really need the nav blinks.

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "We're makin' her nervous. Fall back a little more — she's scared enough as it is. Nice large following distance — we're not in any real hurry, are we?"

Luckily, you're going slow enough to be all right.

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "It is sad my brother. I send money off cause it makes me so sad. Elf Poon can help stop this tragedy with your donation."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Bambi, back off that slowfoot."

Commlink-*Bambi*> Okay Baby!

Gladius slowly increases the following distance, carefully measuring it with its advanced sensor suite.

Commlink-Dumah> Dumah says, "Depends - Nine, we carrying anything that's going to save lives in a timely fashion? Blankets, heaters, that sort of thing?"

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "I wish… What we got is mostly donation things. We got 3000 pounds of chem and about 2300 20-gallon collapsible jugs for water refinement, and then there is medical supplies from the BK Lounge Gym."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "I mean, I am real glad for what we got, but man, with this snow… I shoulda got blankets on that list. There anyone who has em between here and the border? And I rather you arrive alive than truck it too fast."

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "I got the ones on my bed. But yeah, blankets. Didn't even think of that."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "I can call silk in the morning, see what she's got on hand… but its the middle of winter; no real storehouses of that stuff lying arond right now."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Heard a lot about Silk, saw her once at Pentabucks. I was so shy, I did not talk to her, but she seemed like a real pretty girl. What is she about, BSyde?"

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Silk's the best fixer in Denver. She treats me with respect, I treat her with respect. She'll still fix for me if I really need it, even though I hear she found herself a man and retired."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Ah, well, hope it goes well for her. Sounds nice."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "I'll give her a call, see what she can do. Gonna have to wait for morning though, on accounta she said if I ever call her in the middle of the night, she'd dip me in the Platte."

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "I've got some blankets, but just enough for us. Got Stuffer Shack too."

You paged Linc with 'Haha, she hides it from Air! LOL'.

Commlink-Dumah> Dumah says, "What, can't our intrepid mages just, you know, magic some blankets up or something?"

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "I want a pony while they are at it."

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "'Cause I don't have a Create Blanket spell. That's why."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "If I knew the spell, but they only last 24 hours, even if I did."

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "I can make some illusionary blankets, but those suck for keeping you warm."

Commlink-Linc> Linc says, "Blindside and me volunteer to keep any single women warm."

Commlink-Dumah> Dumah says, "Blindside - have your fixer lady give some balloon companies a call, look for an overstock on mylar. Same material they use for emergency blankets."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Dumah; She would just buy a mylar company."

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "Hee! I'll help with any cold boys."

Commlink-Dumah> Dumah says, "Sloppy. Overstocks would be available *now*. Companies take time to ramp up production."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Actually, I'll just expand the trailer to full size, put the genrator on full blast and keep a few hundred warm at once."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "You tell her that. I hear she can kill with a glance, she's the daughter of a Dragon and Giest. So you know."

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "Silks scary."

The slow driver turns off of the road, giving you a free lane up ahead to the warehouse at the adress specified. The whole thing is walled off, and there are gates, but also a car parked within em.

«OOC» Nine says, "Perception everyone!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Dumah (#6510) rolls Intelligence:
1 3 4 4 4 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls Intelligence + 4:
1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 15
«Auto-Judge[]» Linc (#1240) rolls Intelligence:
4 5 7 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Slinger (#69) rolls Intelligence:
2 3 5 5 8 10
«OOC» Slinger says, "Astral? If so, rolling that."
«OOC» Nine nods.
«Auto-Judge[]» Slinger (#69) rolls 2 for "Aura reading, half dice":
1 8
«OOC» Linc says, "Everything I think I see, becomes a motha fraggin super genius to me."

You paged Blindside with 'There is something/someone, vaguely humanoid, by the gate controls.'.
You paged Blindside with 'They are wearing really dark armor. Stealthed ruth armor for lack of better term.'.
You paged Blindside with 'I think you hit it with the 15, to see that.'.
You paged Slinger with 'Astrally, there is an aura over there, by the gate controls.'.

The spotlights built in to Scabbard snap on, turning night to day in a single flash of light. The snow and ice certainly don't help as the lights orient on the single humanoid shape near the gate.

Outside—-> Scabbards external speakers boom: IDENTIFY OR BE FIRED UPON

Slinger pages: What do I know about the aura?

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "Somebody over by the gate controls, trying to get a good look…"

Blindside highlights, on the interior trid screen, the hidden man-form in the snow… for those can't see him.

You paged Slinger with 'Male, Ork, Cybered to the max.'.

Commlink-Slinger> Slinger says, "Male, Ork, heavy cyber…"

From afar, Slinger holds action to zot him…

Commlink-a male ork's voice over your own comm says> "Getting the gate, relax."

Slinger pages: Any read on emotional state?

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "He's wearing armor, looks like combat capable ruth."

Commlink-BR54-NineLives> Nine says, "Guys, don't shoot!"

Commlink-BSyde> Blindside says, "All vehicles, weapons hold."

You paged Slinger with 'Kinda pissed, now, but calm otherwise. :P'.

Commlink-(The Male Voice on Your Comm is also accompanied by the pressings of buttons, *squeak squeak squeak*)> "Alright, gate is opening now.""
The gate opens, just like the man says.

Outside—-> Scabbards external speakers boom: Thank you Citizen. Carry On.

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